1-Day Naturetreat (Singapore)

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1-Day Naturetreat (Singapore)

Join us in rejuvenating the spirit! Bring out your inner child to play! Express your Self thru movement & sound! Breakthrough your limits!

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Punggol Park Hougang Avenue 10 Singapore, 538768 Singapore

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Have you ever gotten lost in the beauty of nature? Of how it refreshes & heals you sometimes? Do you feel more... 'you' when in nature? Look no further, this is a one time event hosted just for the community! Integrating the elements of presence, healing, self expression & self love - we will connect with nature, with ourselves, Release stored tension in the body, cultivate mindfulness & self care as we interact with mother nature and thank them for the support they've given to help us heal and re-center ourselves.

Event held in-person @ Punggol Park (only for those in Singapore)

Prices are split to 1 pax & 2 pax (possible for all types of relations)

Discounted bundles available for 2 pax!

Contact me at : estela.kanoviya@gmail.com (for questions)

Please note that the whole event takes place mainly in public, it does require your vulnerability and courage to expand your comfort zones. If you are willing to take this step, know that you won't be alone in the journey. We will be spending almost the whole day together hence - some things to note;

Art Materials Provided*

No Lunch Provided*

- Bring along a refillable Water Bottle

- Be Punctual/on time to benefit all

- Be Open, curious & willing to try out new perspectives/activities

- Bring some Money for your lunch as it is not provided

- Carry a Light bag so as to let go of "heavy" burdens,

- Some Towels for sitting/cleaning,

- Wear Comfortable Clothes you're willing to get wild in,

- Wear Slippers if you'd like to experience barefoot walking in nature,

- your travel card (eg. Ezlink),

- your phone/small notebook/pen to take down insights if you'd like

- some snacks to eat whenever you feel hunger throughout the day.

**We suggest that you have light-medium breakfast before arriving or a sealed up meal to have during our break times/lunch. We are likely to order food together and have it in the park or to walk somewhere nearby to have lunch as a group together - where we shall eat consciously utilizing our senses.**

We welcome you with open arms, any age, background and experience is welcomed! All that is required: your courage & willingness to explore + connect back to the body! Recommended ages 9 & above!

**Not a yoga retreat/simple meditation retreat, expect singing, dancing, connecting back to our nature, to our body & to our essence! Tears may even flow ~ and yes, this means touching/speaking to nature (eg. feeling the flowers, hugging a tree etc), according to your own willingness**

If you are interested in more of the work that I do, head over to Estela Kanoviya Shares on Anchor/Spotify, or follow us on Facebook, Quora, Instagram & YouTube. This is our main website for now: www.wholenesswithin.info

We hope to see you there!^^

- YanLing (Estela)

Video below as example of how we will be connecting with nature through our senses...