9/May The Influential Leaders

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Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand

Maneeya Center, Penthouse

Bangkok, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10330


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Meet the speaker: Scott Friedman, https://youtu.be/7epOwlRhvP0

In today’s fast paced, ever changing, and the boisterous digital world in which we live, becoming an influential leader is critical so that you can successfully lead yourself, your teams and your organization with inspiration.

What do today’s Influential Leaders have in common?

They find their unique VOICE!

They build lasting CONNECTIONS!

They develop an online personal BRAND!

They attract fantastic FOLLOWERS!

They create a healthy LIFESTYLE!

They author a book to expand their CREDIBILITY!

They blend work and play with GIVING-BACK!


They succeed by learning to CELEBRATE!

This engaging and results-based program is designed to strengthen your leadership skills and maximize your influence and credibility both in and out of your industry.

Join us for a jam-packed program as our "Experts of Influence"guide you to learn the skills necessary to increase your value as an influential leader that will make you an invaluable asset…to your organization…your industry…and your community.

Be Influential and Inspirational…

or be invisible and insubstantial…

it’s your choice…

and for today’s leader, there can be no choice.

Our Planned Day of Influence & Inspiration:


9:15-09:45 Registration & Coffee Break (30 minutes)

9:15 -9:45 (30min) Registration - Coffee morning, open networking

9:45 - 10:00 Welcome by Pacharee Pantoomano, Founder Bnow.org

10:00 - 10:20 Opening Goal Setting Activity, by Paul Larsen: What is Your Leadership Influence Map for the Day?


10:20-10:50 Your Voice: Find your unique V-O-I-C-E as a Leader - Paul N Larsen, MA, CPPC

  • Create your authentic map of influence while authoring your powerful and compelling leadership legacy

10:50-11:20 Your connections: Strategic networking - Shawna Suckow

  • Building a network of support and mutually beneficial relationships

  • Be known as the connector in your industry

11:20-11:50 Your Brand: Creating a compelling on-line brand - Heather Lutze, CSP

  • How to position yourself as the go to expert in your industry through effective on-line reputation building.

11:50-12:10 Activity: Paul Larsen - Influence Map Check-In

12:10-12:25 Scott Friedman - What is TWCCTW?

12:25-12:30 Closing morning session by Pacharee Pantoomano, Founder Bnow.org

12:30-13:30 (60 mins) Lunch buffet networking and meet the speakers


13:20-13:35 Introduction afternoon session by Pacharee Pantoomano, Founder Bnow.org

13:35-14:05 Your Followers: Creating Influence as a leader - Meredith Elliot Powell

  • Create your personal plan of action to attract, retain and fully engage people.

14:05-14:35 Your Lifestyle: The Power of Good Health - Adele Good

  • Influential Leaders take care of their own health. Adele’s mission is to empower those she meets to realize how easy it is to be radiantly healthy, and live life full out, regardless of age, physical or medical limitations.

14:35-15:05 Your Credibility: Building Perceived Credibility - David Dye & Karin Hurt

  • Build credibility and a more respected brand through writing a book. Create brand consistency across all platforms.

15:05 to 15:35 Coffee Break (30 minutes)

15:35-16:05 Your Giving: Work, Play and Give - Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC

  • Explore 3 pillars of creating fulfillment at work that leads to high productivity, satisfaction, and longevity through the work, play give model. Leaders need a balance of all three to be a more effective influential leader.

16:05-16:35 Your Celebration: The Celebration Factor - Scott Friedman

  • Celebrating your own success and the success of others. Through celebration and creating happier healthier relationships and workplaces, you will attract better connections.

16:35-16:50 Wrap-Up Activity: What Will I Do Next?

16:50-17:00 Closing: Pacharee Pantoomano, Founder Bnow.org

17:00-18:00 (60min) Networking and book signing

Program and speakers subject to change, please visit Bnow.org

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Date and Time


Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand

Maneeya Center, Penthouse

Bangkok, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10330


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