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出入息念禪修指導 二日 Ānāpānasati(mindfulness of breathing) 2days Retreat 

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Date and Time



Palelai Buddhist Temple

49 Bedok Walk

Singapore, 469145


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Synopsis for Ānāpānasati (mindfulness of breathing) Retreat (2 days)


導師簡介 Brief introduction of Instructing Teacher

開照長老Ajahn Kaizhao

1987 年出家。



Ajahn Kaizhao ordained in 1987. From 2007 to date, he has been a wandering bhikkhu, having led Bhavana/Meditation retreats and held Dhamma talk in Taiwan, Canada, USA, South America and Europe. He is currently spiritual advisor and teacher of Nibbana Vihara in USA, a member of the Advisory Committee of the Elders at Santavana Forest Hermitage in Sabah and a religious counselling teacher in various prisons.

出入息念禪修指導 二日

Ānāpānasati (mindfulness of breathing) Retreat(2 days, non-residential) 

日期 Date20181027 &28

媒介語 Medium:華語,小組英譯 in Chinese language, with English translation for small group

主辦單位 OrganiserBuddhaDhamma Foundation and Palelai Buddhist Temple

禪修地點VenuePalelai Buddhist Temple, 49 Bedok Walk Singapore 469145

電郵聯繫 Email

截止報名日期 Closing Date for Registration2018930

通过EventBrite報名 Registration via EventBrite

報到時間 Commencement Time9 a.m.

結束時間 Ending Time5 p.m.

名額限制 Number of Participants100 學員


Brief Introduction to the Meditation Class to be conducted:

一呼一吸,煩惱漸息 With in-breath and out-breath, defilements are reduced.

播撒正念,真相明晰 Maintaining mindfulness constantly, insight will be clear.


09.00am-09.45am:方法指導 Instructions

10.00am-10.45am:禪坐共修 Group practice


11.30am-12.15am:禪坐訓练 Group practice

12.15pm-13.30pm:午餐/自修Lunch / own practice

13.30pm-14.15pm:方法指導 Instructions

14.30pm-15.30pm:禪坐训练 Group practice

15.15pm-16.15pm:禪坐训练 Group practice


16.45pm-17.00pm:收拾 Packing up

午餐時間:Lunch time

11.30am:師父用午餐 Venerable

12.15pm:学員用午餐 Students



* 為了不影響禪修指引進展的教法,不接受遲報到者。

* 禪修不接受中途插班也不得提早離開。

* 參加禪修學員的學員承諾完成全天的禪修訓練。沒有緊急的特殊情況,未經主修法師批准,禪修期間不得擅自離開以上修行和居住場所。

* 學員承諾遵守禪修時間表。

* 為了保證大家禪修的品質,學員承諾在禪修期間禁語。

* 禪修學員不得私自錄音錄像。

* 禪修期間請盡量迴避與外界的聯系,請關閉手機並避免使用電腦和網絡。


To ensure the smooth running of the meditation session, all participants are to note the following please:

* Latecomers will not be admitted.

* Participants will not be allowed to join after the session has started for the day or to leave before the end of the session.

* All participants must agree to join the session for the entire 2 days. Unless it is a case of emergency, participant cannot leave the premises without the permission of the Ajahn.

* All participants must agree to follow the schedule set for the 2 days of meditation.

* Noble silence to be observed for the benefit of all participants.

* No video or audio recording is allowed.

* No communication with the outside world during the 2 days of meditation. As such, please switch off all mobile devices during the 2 days.

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Date and Time


Palelai Buddhist Temple

49 Bedok Walk

Singapore, 469145


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