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Putera Theatre Ballroom

Taman Tun Fuad

Bukit Padang

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia 88790


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The world embraces the great Martial arts WuShu that originated from China. It is the dream of every Chinese WuShu Taiji practitioner to promote, to share the practice across the world’s platform. Guangdong province Taiji Cultural and Research Association has responded to the country’s strategic guide, to adhere to the country’s aim of “One Belt One Road’ to enhance, to promote inter cultural understandings and to promote trade culture development. Along with such aim, Guangdong Province Taiji Cultural and Research Association join hand with Malaysia Sabah Tourism and Malaysia Sabah KK Funei Pai Li Shi Taiji Quan Association jointly agreed to organise the grand “2017 First Sabah Wushu Taiji Convention” on the 17th of November 2017 thru 20th of November 2017.

Following suit, on the 6th of June 2017, press conference was held at Ming Garden Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with great success. It announced the dates, the venues, the programmes and most important the aim, the objective and the purpose of this grand event.

We walk the Chinese Wushu Taiji Quan into Sabah, we penetrate the South East Asia and march towards the world.

a) In order to organise an awesome, exciting and high standard programme for this Asia Pacific Wushu Taiji Convention, Guangdong Province Taiji Cultural and Research Association was entrusted by the organising committee of the event to pack a distinguished “2017 Chinese Martial Arts Circle Prestigious Martial Arts Family, Prestigious Martial Arts School and Prestigious Martial Arts Representing Master” using the conventional judging, voting and electing system.

As such the elite joint performances of the convention will attract most outstanding Martial Arts Families, Schools and Masters to travel to Sabah to participate.

Our motto and theme for this Asia Pacific Wushu Taiji Convention is:


Our objectives are:

“To facilitate cross country Cultural Friendship Interaction”

“To build an International Cultural Platform”

“To enable those Wushu Taiji enthusiasts to interact”

Thus, achieving the sharing of cultures and the resources we exchanged.

Now, it is the moment for us to promote and expand Chinese Wushu Taiji towards the International Platform. This will definitely this will shine upon and splendour the region of South East Asia.


(1) Highlight of the 4 main events:

a) First Traditional Wushu and Taiji routine competition

- This covers various forms and routines which includes all disciplines from various schools whether using Martial instruments, solo performance, pairing performance or group performance.

- It includes group performance on Qi Gong and fitness workouts like Wu Qin Xi, Liu Zi Jue, Yi Jin Jing, Ba Duan Jin, Shi Er Duan Jin etc. with competition skill workouts, popular workouts or Daoist exercise etc.

b) Election of the First Prestigious Martial Arts Advocate Master Golden Award

c) Election of the First Prestigious Martial Arts Family, Prestigious Martial Arts School and Renowned Martial Arts Representing Master Awards

(2) Participation Requirements and Methods:

a) Open to any country, local martial arts associations, martial arts groups, martial arts fitness centre, martial arts fitness club, martial arts society, martial arts elderly group, martial arts youth activity centre, martial arts school, martial arts training institution, primary and high school, kinder garden, enterprise and corporation, agency and establishment, residential district , community and all martial art practitioners.

b) Group participation can include 1 to 2 leader or instructor, accompanied team assistants including organiser and team medical officer. There is no limit to number of group participants either male or female. Division and category of competition will follow the schedule. Any representing group that exceed 15 participants can elect to have one representing judge.

c) Participants that exceed 6 persons are required to enrol as team. Otherwise they are required to enrol individually.

d) Each contestant is allowed to participate in multi events.

e) At least 5 persons are required to form a team to participate in the team event.

f) Group for Wushu variety performance will require at least 10 persons for the event.

g) Organising the “Grand Opening Ceremony Gold Medal” award performances: each team can equally register for this event. The team should consist of at least 10 performers. To qualify for this event, the content of the performing art must be rich in attributes and excellent in routine. It must be exciting and overwhelming.

Submission of enrolment must accompany with performance video clip (via e-mail or wee chat) to facilitate pre examination. Only the selected performance is eligible to participate in the Opening Ceremony performing event. Dead line of enrolment must be submitted before the 10th of September, 2017.

h) Organising the “Wushu Promoting Award’ for the team that make up of 30 to 50 people who participate in the Convection with unique contribution or honouring outstanding personnel. 1st 2nd and 3rd prices will be awarded together with trophy and certificate.

i) The age and health condition of the participant of each representing team or group to be verified and certified independently. All participants are make compulsory to sign a ‘ Declaration of Safety Responsibilities’, if upon finding any age falsely declared, the contestant is disqualified. During the convention and competition, any participant or contestant who falls ill or inflicts any injuries due to poor health, the responsibility is solely vested by the group or team or individual to bear the cost of undergoing treatment. Contestants are advised to take up their own Personal Accident Insurance. Copy of Identification to be attached with the signed ‘Safety Declaration Agreement’.

(3) Competition requirements and methods:

b) The competing events of the convention will be based on Wushu Taiji demonstration in the individual event and team event, Martial Arts Advocate Master Golden Award, Election of Martial Arts Prestigious Family, Martial Arts Prestigious School and Renowned Martial Arts Representing Master.

c) The Rules and Regulations of the competition will be deploying the modern ‘Traditional Martial Arts Competition Rules and Regulations’ in conjunction with the House Rules and Regulations. Any supplemental or additional rules or regulations to be decided and will be added if found necessary.

(4) Contestant Age Group:

a) Division of Individual and Team event:

  1. i. Children Division (Division A)

Category A1: Below 7 years old (born after 1st January 2011)

Category A2: 7 to 12 years old (born between 2005 and 2011)

  1. ii. Juvenile Division (Division B)

Category B: 13 to 17 years old (born between 2000 to 2004)

  1. iii. Youth to Middle-Aged Division (Division C)

Category C1: 18 to 29 years old (born between 1988 to 1999)

Category C2: 30 to 44 years old (born between 1973 to 1987)

  1. iv. Middle-Aged to Elderly Division (Division D)

Category D1: 45 to 59 years old (born between 1958 to 1972)

Category D2: 60 years old and above (born before 31st December 1956)

(5) Performance Duration:

a) Individual routine is set for 4 minutes

Individual instrumental routine is set for 3 minutes

Any traditional routine rich in content required longer time to complete can be shortened.

Conditions that permit to shorten the traditional routine are:

  1. i. All 42 style, Tan style, Yang style, Wu style (吴式), Sun style, Wu style(武式)Taiji Quan competition routine, 24 style concise Taiji Quan routine and 32 style Taiji sword, 42 style Taiji Quan and sword competition routine must comply to commence with ‘Qi Shi’ ( routine stating step). The umpire will alert the contestant by long whistling 1 minute before the permitted set time for the routine to enable the contestant to prepare to finish the routine. In this case, no penalty points will be imposed.
  2. ii. Any other forms of Taiji Quan that was shortened by virtual of adjustment or compilation must retain their original steps, styles, disciplines and techniques.
  3. iii. In view of (i) and (ii), the contestants are allowed to position themselves at any point and direction when the routines ended. No penalty point will be imposed.

b) Individual category for Qi Gong and Gong Fa workouts

c) Other forms of traditional martial arts selected by contestant:

  1. i. Individual or pairing performance must be completed within 2 minutes. Pairing performance for traditional Taiji Quan is set for 3 minutes.
  2. ii. Team performance (including Qi Gong workout, Gong Fa workout) is set for 4 minutes
  3. iii. Completion of any performance exceeding the time set for that performance will be penalised by point deduction according to the “Traditional Wushu Competition Ruling”. Performance that has no time limit set upon if the routine is too brief or the performing time is too short, then it is deemed as poor routine. This will affect the judgement of the umpire.

(6) Regulation for performance music:

a) Team performance, group performance on Qi Gong workout and group variety performance are allowed to play their own music accompanying their performances.

b) Other performances not mentioned in a) are refrain from playing any music.

(7) Age group definition:

a) Team performance, Qi Gong team workout, pairing performance: the age for the team will be calculated based on the average age of the participants

(8) Performance content for team or group:

a) Any group or team event- performing the ‘routine’ determined by the competition ruling (including Qi Gong workout), due to time constraint, the groups are allowed to shorten or to compile the routine. However the routine must contain not less than 80% of the original performance steps and disciplines.

b) For those who select to perform in ‘Wushu Variety Performance’, ‘Wushu Body Workout’ and similar kind of Fitness Workout, the performance must maintain no less than 70% of the Wushu elements.

c) All group performances that adopt movement pattern, music and content variation must ensure uniformity and synchronous.

(9) Attire and Instruments:

a) Contestants must bring their own attires or costumes, instruments and prepare their own music for the competitions.

b) For Wushu performance, the costume must be distinguished in style and pattern, reflect ethnic taste. Wushu shoe must be worn. No bare back, fancy or religious costume is allowed.

c) For the performance during the opening ceremony, variety and mixed elements are allowed in the routine. The uniform must match the requirement of the routine theme without any restriction.

(10) Rules for Martial Arts Prestigious Advocate Master:

a) A contemporary influential master from Wushu circle

b) An outstanding contributor in the circle of Wushu

c) A qualifier elected via website network

d) Rules for Prestigious Martial Arts Family, Prestigious Martial Arts School and Prestigious

Martial Arts Representing Master in the martial arts circle

a) A master with track record of pass on and inheritance system of the school

b) A master with clear track record of pass on and inheritance generation link

c) An elected master via website network

(11) To lay an exchange platform for trade entrepreneurs of China and Malaysia, “An Economic Cultural Discussion” session shall be organised during the convention. We welcome both local and overseas entrepreneurs to participate.

Programmes as listed:

a) Taiji and the property market outlook, tourism, holidays and leisure

b) Artistic and Cultural products exhibition

c) Other related topics following the ‘One Belt One Road’ concept

d) Those entrepreneurs, corporations or individuals who are interested to participate please contact the Organiser

Participation in “Economic Cultural Discussion” for individual or group, the administration fee is RMB 1000 per person.

If a booth is required for exhibition to exhibit or for any other requirements, please liaise with the organiser in advance for such need.

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Date and Time


Putera Theatre Ballroom

Taman Tun Fuad

Bukit Padang

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia 88790


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