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Becoming an Influencer on Facebook

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45 Middle Road (Synergy Hub @ Trading PLC)


(5 mins walk from Bugis MRT station)

Singapore, 188954


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Becoming an Influencer on Facebook

How You Can Train Facebook to Transform You Into an Influencer

With 4 million Facebook users in Singapore alone, you think branding yourself or marketing your product would be so effortless. You think you would be making a truckload of money when just 0.01% of them buy from you. And you promised yourself that if you keep on posting, your clients will keep on engaging with you and ultimately keep on buying. Oh, ain’t the reality far from being so!

In this totally informational, engaging and fun workshop that over 400 business owners and entrepreneurs-to-be had participated in, you will discover the highly-effective but unconventional techniques and secrets that less than 2% of entrepreneurs take advantage of in branding themselves and marketing their products on Facebook. You will also learn how to make full use of Facebook's Algorithm to ultimately become the influencer whom your friends, fans and even other influencers want to work with you and eventually buy from you!

In addition, you will:

  • Understand how Your Past has everything to do with the success (or failure) of marketing your products or services. This has nothing to do with boring history lessons or soul searching; the secret to success lies in a part of us not many people know… yet!

  • Uncover the Psyche of Facebook and understand what monster you are dealing with! In doing so, you can take advantage of what to post, and how to react, comment, share or even tag friends, that 98% of other Facebook users don't, to stand out from your competitors!

  • Find out the 3 Simple but Critical Facebook Branding (and Marketing) Tools you have to immediately implement! You stand to lose more than 50% of your clients if you left these as they are!

About Colin Goh

Colin is one-half of a husband-and-wife team who double-handedly built up their successful omni-channel marketing agency – Learns Marketing, from scratch. Their agency partners government entities, business owners and solopreneurs by helping them market their services and products, and brand themselves through a myriad of digital and conventional channels.

In 3 years, through close guidance and unconventional marketing strategies from them, their partners and clients have closed in excess of 8 figures in sales.

Being passionate with imparting his knowledge on Facebook marketing and business strategies, Colin also frequently conducts workshops and consultation sessions for small business owners who prefer to DIY in their marketing and business development efforts.

As the CEO of Yellow Pages Academy, Colin is also leading the training and coaching of numerous SMEs in omni-channel marketing.

In 2016, together with his wife Jessica, they released their well sought-after book – “10 Facebook Marketing Secrets Exposed”. Targeted at small business owners and entrepreneurs, and now in its second edition, their book has helped many become significantly more effective in marketing on Facebook while lowering their ad costs at the same time.

More recently, the couple has also kickstarted a revolutionary marketing concept beyond content and leads generation. Named Trust Generation, this complex business model made it possible for Learns Marketing to close nearly $250k worth of business deals in the first quarter of the year.

What is so intriguing about Colin and Jessica is that both of them had no formal academic training in marketing and business. All their strategies on marketing, branding and business are derived from their in-depth studies and analysis, years and tens of thousands of dollars invested in learning from actual entrepreneurs, and fine-tuning, adapting their techniques and meticulously testing as and when the industry evolves.

Testimonials about Colin Goh

“I learnt a lot more about Facebook in his 3.5hour class than I had in an expensive 2-day course conducted in a fanciful hotel a few years ago. Colin taught our class the mechanics behind Facebook, and shared unconventional strategies to beat the odds for more engagements, 'likes' and 'shares'. I'm now able to shift the odds for ordinary posts that I know would not perform that well.”

Koh Eng Beng, Founder and Principal Writer of Happiness Notebook

“Everyone seems to be an expert on FB marketing and honestly what most "experts" are sharing now can be found on the net. The difference between Colin Goh and them is he shares tried and tested system and not those he reads or heard about. I was blown away on by the FB hacks Colin shares. These are methods that are unheard of and yet super effective! I am always wondering why some posts get better reach than others and it was answered in this workshop.”

Johari Sa’ad, Video Storyteller and Founder of Video Story Branding

“It was educational and my wife and I enjoyed it. It ended at almost 12am, which was a first for us.”

RJ Rajendren, Celebrity Cryto-Currency Trader and Trainer

“Colin’s insights into the who, why, what, where, when and how of Facebook were super mind blowing. Understanding how the platform worked, then understanding the human interaction to that platform, was to me, gold! When I shared something that Colin had shared with me to another small biz owner, their jaw dropped too! This was the evidence that there indeed was substance in his words.”
Shanker P, multiple business owner, including My First Home.

“Colin is truly a subject matter expert when it comes to Facebook Marketing. In a span of 2 hours, he was able to simplify complex topics related to Facebook branding. He was able to do that with actionable steps. He embodies the concept of personal branding on Facebook.”
Rajiv Misra, Founder of Ministry of Science

“I thought perhaps Colin's workshop might be different. Deep in my heart, I know I would be very happy if I could at least pick up 2 to 3 ah-haaaa moment during this workshop. Not only did I get 2 to 3, I got MANY! .... a total of 19 pages of golden nugget written onto my notebook! Colin's style of approach is the first that I had seen. His unconventional way of branding and differentiating himself from other big boys made him unique!”

Eric Charles, e-Commerce Business Owner

“Truly a great seminar on Personal branding in Facebook by Colin Goh!
He dissected and shared some great tips and secrets on his expertise!”
Zach Leong, Founder and Celebrity Chef at Baker’s Heart

“Just attended his workshop on how to use Facebook to build my branding and the workshop is mind blowing. Every minute of the workshop consist of so much valuable information that I literally have to run when I needed to use the washroom urgently, so that I don't miss anything.”

Cindy Kua, Psychologist and Founder of SkillBuilders

“What Colin and Jessica shared is a nice primer to understanding how marketing on Facebook works, the mistakes to avoid, and how to maximise your results. Their sharing are backed by their real experience. They sweat so you don't have to.”
Sam Choo, renowned Internet Marketer and Founder of Singapore Internet Marketers

“Precious secrets uncovered through meticulous research — that is the gold you will find in Colin and Jessica; the painstaking analysis of what works and what doesn't in Facebook marketing.”
Suria Isha Sparks, Multi Potentialite, Celebrity Nutritionist, Best-Selling Author, International Inspirational Speaker, Positive Parenting Advocate and Life and Business Coach

About Superbrand Me Founder and Coach Eugene Seah

Eugene is Singapore's leading Personal Branding Coach and has spoken at major corporations including GIC, Citibank, Sony, Star Cruises, GSK, ANZ, DBS, Mizuho, BHP Billiton, Western Digital, Singapore Technologies, ERA and many others. He's also passionate about empowering youths and has trained students in tertiary institutions including SMU, SP, NAFA etc.

He's been speaking in several countries including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Maldives, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, and also been interviewed on several media including TV, radio, newspapers and popular blogs.

His passion is to help entrepreneurs, sales professionals, managers and anyone who wants to succeed, to design a premium Personal Brand to be significantly more outstanding in their respective fields.

He founded the SUPERBRAND ME Club to connect like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to success, and is the author of the upcoming definitive Personal Branding book "Superbrand Me - Personal Branding Strategies for Business Success."

Read the testimonials below to get a sense of what you will experience during the workshop.

“I found Eugene's workshop very helpful as I learnt the key elements for good personal branding and how to weave my personal story as part of my unique selling point (USP). It is especially useful for me as a solopreneur and i will definitely apply some of these techniques in promoting my copywriting service. Highly recommended for those who want some new insights into personal branding! Thanks Eugene!" – Sian Tham, Sales Copywriter

"Through the workshop, I learnt how to boost my personal brand and increase my influence. I recommend this to anyone who is serious about growing their business and career."

- Bryan Setho, property expert

"The workshop is really helpful in terms of building not just your personal branding, but corporate branding too. The biggest takeaway would be the different approach in branding yourself in different way and platforms. Those who are keen should give it a try! Awesome!"

- Lin Junhong, entrepreneur

"Eugene really shone and his energy rubbed off on the participants; everyone was contributing and sharing. I find the workshop to be extremely valuable and learnt many insightful tips on personal branding. I am glad I did not pass up the chance to attend!"

- Ahmad Matin, financial advisor

"Learnt about social media branding and how your online profiles can add value (or not) to your professional/social image, as well as strategies on creating a powerful personal branding that resonates with your core personality and values! Truly empowering!"

- Junelle Cher, civil service

"The workshop is "WOW-fully" useful ,its all about personal branding .I gained new perpective and can't wait to put into practise all thanks to Eugene for the coaching."

- Lee Wei Cheng, aspiring entrepreneur

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Date and Time


45 Middle Road (Synergy Hub @ Trading PLC)


(5 mins walk from Bugis MRT station)

Singapore, 188954


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