Sabbatical experience in 4 days - Grow personally and professionally

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Sabbatical experience in 4 days - Grow personally and professionally

We facilitate transformational processes and teach cutting edge creation tools in an intense 4 day program.

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Hotel Mundial, Lisbon Praça Martim Moniz 2 1100-341 Lisbon Portugal

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Consciousness Living 1

Training in Lisbon, Portugal (English)

Special edition for PT launch € 850,- (Regular price is €1225,-)

Marc Steinberg, the Founder of Creative Consciousness, will be flying to Portugal to deliver the training himself together with a highly dedicated team of international trainers.

What to expect ? Conscious Living 1 is a dynamic and holistic training process facilitated by an international team of highly skilled trainers. We create a safe space in which you can internalize and directly implement new knowledge instead of just receiving information. Each training day contains inquiries and awareness creations combined with exercises designed to integrate the insights you acquire. It will touch on all pillars of life and facilitate professional and personal transformation. A comprehensive training workbook supports the process.

Conscious Living 1 main themes:

  • Freedom – feel free, act free, be free
  • Passion – create the life you love to live
  • Energy – tap into your core energy and use it for constructive purposes
  • Clarity – see clearly what you want to accomplish in life
  • Integrity – align your actions with your words
  • Awareness – perceive reality as it is
  • Authenticity – stay true to who you choose to be
  • Presence – be fully in the here and now
  • Love – love without conditions
  • Action – act independently from your thinking and feeling

How does it work ?

Step 1 : Create space for an optimal mindset

Step 2: Recognize limiting believes

Step 3: Envision your desired future

Step 4: Let go of emotional blocks

Step 5: Raise your level of consciousness

Step 6: Make holistic choices

Step 7: Integrate these steps into your life

It's a radical level-up in your energy and ability to manifest your goals and a game-changer for releasing your past, embracing the present, and creating a happier future.

You will acquire new life skills and develop daily practices that will lead you towards creating sustainable shifts in your life both personal as professional. Its a potent combination of ancient knowledge and new cutting edge techniques for delivering human transformation.

About Creative Consciousness Creative Consciousness is a pioneer and thought leader in the field of human empowerment and consciousness development since the early 90s. Creative Consciousness training events and the Consciousness Coaching® (ICF) methodology are the result of over 25 years of work and research in the areas of psychology, ontology, phenomenology, brain science, coaching and communication.

Over 5000 graduates testify that Creative Consciousness training events have played an essential role in their lives and supported them to become liberated from personal and collective conditioning and create more authentic, passionate and happy lives.

Our trainings are suitable for people from all walks of life. Participating in Creative Consciousness trainings will bring you into your creative power, traction and sustainability: * More clarity * More energy * More freedom * More power.

imagem Sabbatical experience in 4 days - Grow personally and professionally
imagem Sabbatical experience in 4 days - Grow personally and professionally
850 €