Business China Youth Forum 2022 通商中国青年论坛

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Business China Youth Forum 2022 通商中国青年论坛

Business China Youth Forum 2022 通商中国青年论坛

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Singapore Marina Bay Expo & Convention Centre 10 Bayfront Avenue Singapore, 018956 Singapore

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Business China Youth Forum 2022

Trailblazers in a Turbulent World: Navigating Uncertainties in ASEAN and China

通商中国青年论坛 2022

动荡中的先行者: 引领亚细安与中国稳中求进



Dawn of the Metaverse: Applications of Web 3.0 in Forging Opportunities 元宇宙的黎明:Web 3.0 的运用与机遇

Putting the Wind in Youths' Sails: Efforts in Driving Environmental Sustainability 乘风破浪的新青年:为环境永续发展扬帆起航

A New Alternative: Insights from Youths Leveraging Technology to Improve Food Security 殊途同归:科技提升粮食安全之青年说



The theme for the BCYF 2022 is “Trailblazers in a Turbulent World: Navigating Uncertainties in ASEAN and China”. The discussion will revolve around these three key trends:

1. Opportunities for Youths in Metaverse and Web 3.0

2. Youth Efforts in Environmental Sustainability

3. Leveraging Technology to Enhance Food Security

Having emerged from a global pandemic, youths have explored novel ways to approach new problems, and have harnessed new opportunities that champion social good and economic advancements. They are well-set to be the trailblazers of our increasingly volatile world, where regional ties are scrutinised, business landscapes reimagined and societies change at an unprecedented rate.

What does Web 3.0 have to offer to youths? What are the opportunities of the metaverse? Conversely, what are the challenges of the metaverse? What are some key policies adopted by governments in promoting sustainability? How can technology be leveraged to enhance food security? This year's theme reflects the pertinence of these questions, especially in a post-pandemic era. More than ever, the youth have firmly demonstrated that they are not just the “nation’s future”, but also a generation who can shape the present. Join us as we delve into the complexities of our volatile region as global citizens.

BCYF 2022 marks the return of physical attendees; limited seats are available, so register now. There will also be a concurrent Zoom broadcast.




1. 元宇宙和Web 3.0技术为青年所带来的机遇

2. 青年在环境可持续发展领域的努力

3. 以科技提升粮食安全


Web 3.0和元宇宙技术能为青年带来什么样的机遇和挑战?各国政府在促进永续发展方面出台了哪些重要政策?青年如何通过这些倡议实现志向?又如何运用科技提升全球的粮食安全?

本届通商中国青年论坛将深入探讨以上课题。着全球逐渐步入后疫情时代,我们也引来了一个新世界。今日的青年不仅仅是 “国家的未来”,也具备了改善现状的能力。在本论坛精心安排的活动中,你将有机会聆听业内专家的独特见解,并参与探讨身为全球公民的我们该如何在这个充满不确定性的世界中稳步向前。