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Do you know that shying from conflict at work can derail your career?

No matter which role you play in an organization, conflict is necessary for growth and is impossible to avoid. Conflicts over differences can promote diversity of opinions and creativity into teams. Avoidance of conflicts can be a costly choice. As we might miss valuable potential payoffs, such as the opportunity to learn, to expand our expertise, or to deepen our emotional intimacy with another person.

In this 1.5 hour session, you will learn how to maintain strong relationships even in times of conflict. We start with understanding our own responses to conflict and how to self-manage our responses. We then learn to leverage a method of dealing with apparently competing goals. Lastly, we explore ways to prevent conflict from derailing our work while maintaining productivity and delivering business results.

*If you're interested in becoming our speakers or joining in our organizing team, feel free to contact us.

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