Conversation With Colin (21 Jul 18)

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Conversation With Colin Goh

You asked to speak with him... Now you can have a conversation for 3.5 hours.

Especially for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who are finding your direction on how to start, wanting to grow fast, or making effort to stay afloat...

Like the majority of entrepreneurs, you probably started your journey because of a burning passion, a supposedly brilliant business idea or concept, or a fashionable trend that so many others are doing which seemed to be able to make you quick and big bucks.

However, you discovered that your passion could only drive you for so long, especially when the profits are not coming in… Your new business idea is so niche and radical that only friends supported you and only after you begged them… And, the trend passes on just 6 months after you started your business leaving you tens of thousands of useless equipment and renovation, and a shop space which is burning your rental fees away.

The sad truth is that for every 10 businesses that started up, 7 are forced to shut down due to costs, or are struggling to keep themselves afloat month after month. In fact, we have seen all these happen to our friends and businesses around us.

So you want to learn how not to succumb to this fate. And you crossed path with Colin Goh, an unusual, unconventional and perhaps even unorthodox entrepreneur during the past few years.

You find that he has a story that is very much like yours... You see that you could learn something from him... You want to get access to the man... But his schedule is as packed as a suitcase after a 3-week vacation. And you don't know how to approach him for a meetup...

So, you resort to just following him on Facebook...

Resort to that no more!

Because upon popular requests from many of his followers, he has agreed to do a second run* of his event - Conversation With Colin Goh (CWC), where you can ask him questions close to your heart... on transitioning from employee to entrepreneur... on his success formula to building his businesses... or on anything that has bothered you to date.

*This first run was conducted in Sep 2017 with a full crowd of nearly 40 guests.

Hi, I'm Colin Goh.

Many of you know that I was just a civil servant less than 2 years ago. And in the space of this duration, my wife Jessica and I had double-handed built 2 popular online portals, a marketing agency (that's on the way to make $1M by the end of the year) - Learns Marketing, and a training business under a 51 year-old very well-known household brand - Yellow Pages.

As a result of our quick growth, many friends and acquaintances have requested to meet up with me... to either discover how Jessica and I arrive at where we are today, or just to know us better. Essentially, it's to help them see if they are on track.

Unfortunately, I have been turning them down because of my super hectic commitment to all that is on our plates. Besides, I have to also spend time with my children... and have some me time too.

But really... I don't want to disappoint you if you take the initiative to want to know me better. So I thought of doing this type of 'Conversation With' seminar which I can address to as many of you who are interested to have a chat with me.

The agenda will be, but not limited to, as such:

1. The 3 crucial push and pull factors for me, and that you must possess before starting your entrepreneurship journey for you to stay on track to your goals for 10 years or more!

2. The 2 often-missed strategies that you and I have to embrace and do well in today's extremely competitive arena to not only survive, but stand out and be the first mover in your industry.

3. The unusual tactic that Jessica and I have used to scale our asking fee for our services by more than 30X without our clients complaining about the price!

4. Our unconventional technique that you can apply immediately to attract not only like-minded, but also influential people, to work for and with you... in under 1 year!

5. The unorthodox principle that has guided us, and now you, in reaching your destination of success... that you haven't even dreamt of yet.

And of course, there will be opportunity for you to ask all your burning questions to seek clarity in your own entrepreneurial journey. To keep the session and succinct fruitful, I'll request that you send me your questions beforehand so I can prioritise on addressing those issues that are more common.

This second run of CWC is nearly 2 years in the making. The first run was in Sep last year. I am finally doing this again, and I might not do this again for another year. So really, I hope to see you there on 21 Jul to have that conversation with you!

Note: This event will only be conducted if there are at least 30 participants. Otherwise, all fees will be refunded accordingly.

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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