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Craft your personal Achievement Story and Ace those interviews!

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350 Orchard Road,

#16-03 Shaw House



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About the workshop:

In these 2 hours, we will share with you, in an exclusive closed group workshop setting, what are hiring managers expecting from you in an interview. Sharing with you industry insights and knowledge as well as the common mistakes candidates make, we will help you comb through your experiences and achievements and from there: build, craft, review, and refine your “achievement stories” so that you tell your success in a way it should be heard.

You will be able to add these writeups in your CV and use it in your next interview.

Most importantly, knowing how to use these stories will make you the exceptional candidate when you are job hunting.

You will walk away with:

  1. Your solidly crafted personal achievement stories

  2. Prep work template

  3. Short blurbs to add to your CV or LinkedIn and

  4. A 30 second “story” you can confidently use in your interviews for life

The outcome:

  1. You’ll be confident to share your achievements, written and verbally, authentically and relevant to the job at hand.

  2. You will find that you have achievements to be proud of and that you are able to share these stories, confidently, bringing your best foot forward.

About the Trainer:

Josephine Chia (Managing Director of Progression Search)
Josephine has been heading Progression Search for the past 7 years and prior to that, she spent 15 years in technology sales where she garnered deep industry insights and network. She has since successfully placed many great talents for exciting large and start ups alike. In the process, she has interviewed tons of candidates who are able to do the job but most were not able to articulate their achievements, especially during interviews and had to be coached intensively throughout the process. Hence, we are conducting this workshop to help candidates talk about their achievements in a convincing manner, with finesse.

Below are the course details:

Class Size: Limited to 5-8 participants in one session
Duration: 2 hours workshop plus 1 hour 1-on-1 individual review for your personal achievement stories (arranged directly with our consultants)
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm (SGT)
Venue: 350 Orchard Road, #16-03 Shaw House, Singapore 23868 or Web Dial-in (login details to be provided upon registration)
Fee: SGD 299 (Inclusive of GST)
Open Date(s): 20th Sep 2018 OR 09th Nov 2018

For more information, contact us at +65 6206 1856.

"The trainer is experienced and knowledgeable. I am satisfied with the training and feel that with a little bit more practice on my end, I would be able to better communicate my achievements. There is a very high chance that I would recommend this training to my colleagues and friends!!"

- Sandie Chu, APJ Distribution Manager from a US virtualisation company

"Progression introduced an Achievement Story course to me, which I attended because I’ve always struggled talking about my experience and my achievements during interviews. I crafted my personal achievement story and Jo reviewed my story. I was lost initially and did not know how to start. The team and Tricia provided me with coaching and ideas. Hence I could write the story based on data, facts, results and exciting content. It is all about story writing and how we can churn out an impressive story based on my successful campaign. I used this story and secured my dream job at the interview. The VP who was my hiring manager asked me what is my best achievement so far.....and I was very confident in presenting my story as Jo had reviewed it with me. It was a win for me. I am very grateful to Tricia and Jo for their coaching.

I sincerely thank the ladies for their patience coaching and helping me with my rusty interviewing skills. I was so lost till I met them. They followed up with me on the details and were genuinely concerned about the candidates’ development. I salute them on their positive attitude. This Achievement Story training is something that I’d definitely recommend people who want to stand out in a sea of candidates and secure a second interview or even get that dream job. I got my dream job! "

– Wendy Tey, Marketing Director Asia from Westcon-Comstor Asia

"The course is extremely helpful, I would rate it a 4 out of 5. I benefited from it because it helped me in my interview when I was preparing for my Achievement Story! I would also rate the trainer's knowledge on the topic a 9 out of 10. I got the job I went for which makes this worthwhile."

- Alliance Manager from a US MNC

Do you find yourself sometimes struggling to explain your achievements in interviews?

You might even feel frustrated thinking why can't these people look at what you have done? Don't my results speak for themselves?

Strangely, even for salespeople, it doesn't come naturally to “talk yourself up”. It is so much easier to talk about your product, software, or service offering than to say “this is why I will be able to do this job better than someone else”.

That's the reason why sometimes you are looked over for the role you can do in your sleep, simply because you have not found a way to share “why you for this role”.

To add on to that, most interviewers don't know how to interview in a way that will uncover information around what you have done, under what circumstances, limitations and competition, the complexity of the problems you faced and solved, the number of stakeholders managed in an environment ideally similar to the hiring company. And we don't blame them.

When you share 'why you' in a manner that is convincing to the hirer yet remain real to yourself and when you are able to express your experience put together in a way that is relevant to the hiring company and the hirer, that sets you apart from your competition. That is the key to great interviews.

You might think that it's a little awkward to “sell” yourself the same way you would sell a product. However, you must overcome the mental resistance and get trained on how to share your relevant achievements in a palatable manner and relevant to the job at hand. The outcome? You will find that you have achievements to be proud of and that you are able to share these stories, confidently, leaving your competition behind.

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350 Orchard Road,

#16-03 Shaw House



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