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With the advent of automation, humans’ role has become to do what computers cannot. Many more white-collar workers—perhaps all of them—will end up “working with data” to some extent.

Using data to provide insights and guidance that computers alone cannot requires “data literacy”, which is doubly important for anyone working alongside, supporting, leading, or hiring a data-science and analytics team.

Data literacy involves a broad range of skills, including:

  • Appreciating the language of data
  • Understanding uncertainty (expressed as probabilities) and complexity
  • Interpreting relationships in data (multivariate correlation) and visual representations of them
  • Reading visual representations of data
  • Ability to think rigorously and abstractly about evidence-based decision-making and manipulate data accordingly

This course introduces a range of skills and applications related to critical thinking in areas such as forecasting, population measurement, set theory and logic, causal impact and attribution, scientific reasoning and the danger of cognitive biases.

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