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Kuala Lumpur

Sunway Velocity Designer Office VO3

#05-16. Jalan Peel

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur 55100


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Your child’s destiny is in your hands!

Your choices made in their education and upbringing can impact their future


62% of Parents Aged 50 and Above Regret in Wrong Parenting And Nurturing Their Child In the Wrong Way

And how you can avoid being one of them!

Dear Parents:

Aren’t these what we all want for our children: give them the best education, make sure they are successful and most importantly happy in life!

Do you somewhat agree that your child’s destiny is the result of your decisions made on his/her behalf when he/she is still young? Have you considered that perhaps you are confused and have no idea how to bring out the champion in your child. Have you ever considered taking the easy way out by developing your child from his/her natural talents wired in him/her genetically so that his/her potential can be maximized? To be honest, they can seriously hate you for pushing them to do a programme they are not gifted or talented in (everybody is a genius, if you push a fish to climb a tree, it will feel stupid). The question now is would you want to find out your child’s inborn talents or something that he/she can perform at ease? When your child excels in doing something when others have to struggle to keep up with him/her, your child’s self-esteem will soar high and he/she will grow up to be a confident individual.

But really? Is there really a proven way to explore my child’s talent and personality?

Parents have always told us their concerns and worries such as:

  • My child has no imagination
  • My child hates school
  • My child does not like to read books
  • My child hates math
  • My child is too quiet
  • My child doesn’t like art classes
  • My child loves computer games more than books
  • I do not know how to teach my child
  • I do not know what my child wants
  • How can I make my child love studying
  • And so much more

This is a common dilemma many parents face… should I let my child do what he/she wants to do or I let my child focus in an area of study that is vital for my child’s future or rather focus on developing his/her core strength to release the genius in him/her?

“How would you know if it would be a help or a hindrance?”

Fret not! All your worries will disappear when you learn about what you are going to learn, for you have come to the right place! There is a saying that goes “You have to be at the right place at the right time” and This is it!!!

You see, on a very fateful day, I happened to chance upon an expert in the field of unleashing your child’s innate talent at an educational seminar. He has extensive experiences working with children and youths where he is known for his ability to inspire teens to excellence and help parents bring out the best in their child!

He has the ability to shatter limiting beliefs and give you the paradigm shift you’ve always wanted.

To cut to the chase, he has offered…ok listen up real closely… to come and speak to you at a workshop which we will be holding next week and I am truly and utterly grateful for his appearance.

From this workshop...

Find Out How to Tackle the 3 Greatest Fear in Parenting

1) Unfulfilled Potential

  • How to identify your child’s natural talent and make great use of it

2) Child’s Behavioural/Character Problems

  • How to instil great character in children so they can behave well

3) Poor Parent-child Relationship

  • How to decide whether to push a child into doing something or rather a direction that matches his/her innate tendency and talent

From this workshop…

You will also have a crystal clear understanding of the benefits early identification of your child’s natural talents and personality traits will bring to shape his/her future development.

  • Know the importance of discovering your child’s genetic traits
  • Find out whether you should let your child do what he/she loves
  • Tailor-make the development process around your child’s personality
  • Plan for your child’s future more effectively and efficiently
  • Provide a guidance for education and career choices based on your child’s unique abilities discovered from his/her genes
  • And much more valuable information to be revealed during the workshop

By discovering your child's natural talents & inborn personality traits, you could:

  • Unleash your child’s potential to the fullest
  • Find out your child’s inborn strength/abilities
  • Provide your child a happier and meaningful childhood by nurturing him according to his/her inherent talents
  • Build a strong self-esteem & confidence in your child at an early stage
  • Stop wasting priceless time, money & effort going through trials & errors to wild guess your child's natural hidden talents
  • Stop unwanted arguments with your child as a result of forcing him/her to do things that he/she is not endowed with
  • Pave a successful and fulfilling future path for your child
  • And the list continues…

Testimonials by Experts...

The Choice is in your Hands!

This is the missing puzzle that I have been working for the past 25 years. If you could just spend a fraction of the money on this test, life will never been the same again. Knowledge is power. Advanced knowledge changes destiny! The choice is in your hands. Give your loved one a head start and take action now!

Dr. Ernest Wong
Ph.D Cognitive Psychologist

Genetic Test – Crystal-balling a Person’s Ability!

I was introduced to Map My Gene’s Inborn Talent Gene Test by a good friend. The results accurately indicate that I have high technique genes together with endurance and sprint (explosive power) genes. Besides, I also attribute my winnings of Taekwondo sport which requires a lot of brain to my high IQ ability. In my career profile provided in my test report, I was recommended to be a Psychiatrist besides being an Athlete due to my strong S (social ability trait). I am now a retired athlete and a full time Hypnotherapist. Interestingly, hypnotherapy is similar to and has the same objective as psychotherapy whereby they both help and work on healing patients’ disorder and illnesses. I found this test very accurate and intriguing to the point that it is like a crystal ball that can predict a person’s abilities and future!

Herru Sinta Berliana
3 times Sea Games Gold Medalist (Champion) in Taekwondo
Jakarta, Indonesia

My Test Result Is Very Accurate!

My wife and I were astounded by the result accuracy of my Inborn Talent Gene Test done at Map My Gene. The first 3 Career Recommendations for me were Research Director (I got my PhD in research field and am currently leading a team of researchers), Lawyer (I owned a law firm and oversaw a few lawyers many years ago) and Accountant (I agree that I have strong accounting ability that even surpasses my own experienced chartered accountants). I strongly encourage those who are at the cross road and need direction for their career or education to take this test so that they will be guided according to their innate ability that they sometimes don’t even know about.

Dr. Chanbonyasitt
Bangkok, Thailand

Right now, at this point in time, I am personally INVITING YOU to get involved in this amazing life-changing presentation.

You will be bringing back noteworthy information and do expect tips that would give you amazing results from this workshop.

I can give you my 100% assurance that you will never regret it if you start taking ACTION today!

Give yourself and your child 60 minutes and it will be a turning point for YOU and your child as his/her future will never be the same again!

However, we’re looking for parents who are really committed to their child’s upbringing, so we offer this exclusive free workshop to ONLY 30 committed parents!! Just 20. No more, no less. Period.

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Date and Time


Kuala Lumpur

Sunway Velocity Designer Office VO3

#05-16. Jalan Peel

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur 55100


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