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The St. Regis Singapore

29 Tanglin Road

Singapore, 247911


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The biggest challenge facing Singapore is the unprecedented lack of Personal Leadership within our public and private sector organisations. And Personal Leadership is required at all levels; from executives, directors, managers, team members, workers and professionals.

“…we need leaders who can articulate a compelling vision that will truly inspire Singaporeans and mobilize them to achieve their best…”

- Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, CAPAM Biennial Conference

Most people when hearing the words “leader or leadership” assume that the reference is to the people at the top – in the power positions with authority and not the individual people who make up the organisation. Personal Leadership is about the individual taking responsibility for a problem, and the solution.

What is in the way of individuals stepping into Personal Leadership?

This is the biggest challenge! People are so afraid of making mistakes, that they won’t take the risk of being responsible and accountable at the same time (most people inaccurately see responsibility as another way of saying “blame” – or who is “at fault” when things go wrong.)

Combine this with the fear of losing FACE and you have people who won’t speak up – even though they know the solution!

To be successful in the future requires organisations that are comprised of responsible, productive and risk-taking individuals who demonstrate the qualities of true Personal Leadership – and who aren’t afraid to speak up.

Most people do not understand what this requires, neither do they have the skills, attitude or support to make the transition.

These skills, education, and support are now available in Singapore.

After working with more than 100,000 people we developed a system to explain why personal leadership is the solution, what the potential benefits are and how to overcome the limitations and blocks that get in the way.

Most of the currently available leadership education only addresses part of the picture and doesn’t solve the real long-term problem. This lack of effective solutions lead us to develop an innovative and highly usable set of tools, and a curriculum of educational and support programs that range from a 2-Hour Leadership Seminar to a 12-Month Leaders’ Academy that transforms individual and team performance.

FREE 2-Hour Leadership Seminar

Join us for a remarkable 2-Hour Seminar packed with innovative and new solutions that are guaranteed to improve your results and performance. Partners and teams are encouraged to attend together.

HOLISTIC: including all areas that affect results

We designed this seminar from a holistic point of view including; relationships, health, self-expression, wealth, leadership, business and how a problem in one area – impacts all areas. The learning environment is carefully sculpted to include music, multimedia, movement, "real-to-life" exercises and simulations that deliver more information in less time and are able to produce dramatic changes in peoples' behavior and results.

Specifically designed for busy, high-performance professionals and time-pressed managers and executives, this 2-Hour seminar offers a solution to your most pressing challenges.

If you are looking for a fast-track solution, Goldzone will help you get there – faster! Goldzone’s Leadership System could be exactly what you are looking for!

In just 2-hours you will learn how the new rules of leadership can multiply your results by 400% to 1,600%.


• Lead anyone, anytime, anywhere and get results!
• Get more done in less time.
• Improve your results by 400% to 1,600%, guaranteed!
• Get people to do exactly what you want, happily!
• Dramatically reduce your stress.
• Work fewer hours and get more done.
• Solve the toughest people challenges.
• Get the entire team to own their RESULTS!
• Attract, retain and motivate the best people!
• Unlearn old ideas that no longer work.
• Learn which of the 7 Types of Leader you are.
• Learn how to lead the 7 Types of Followers.
• Know with certainty which person is impossible to lead, and what to do with them.
• Use leadership to increase your income in less time, with less effort!
• Solve your biggest Leadership challenges.
• and much more!


• September 5, 2018, 7-9pm - The St. Regis Singapore Hotel


• September 5 >

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Date and Time


The St. Regis Singapore

29 Tanglin Road

Singapore, 247911


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