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(Full House) NLP Master Practitioner Certification Singapore -SkillsFuture

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1 Science Park Drive

Singapore, 118221


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Write to us at to reserve your seat for the 2019 Intake NLP Master Practitioner Certification Course.

The NLP Master Practitioner Certification is a once-a-year event, highly sought after by Certified Practitioners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

It takes you on a 16-day journey of Self-Discovery, Higher Order Change and Coaching. You emerge from the end of the course with your Mission Statement, and a greater understanding of your core personality structure, deep-seated values and beliefs. You will see where lies your strengths, where are your limits, and how to tweak your own success formula and stop playing the "games" that are not helpful for you.

The entire course is designed to be nurturing, ownership-instilling, and there are a lot of deep practice. You'll hold the role of BOTH Coach and Coachee, reaping the deep learning from both ends of the role. If you are working to become a Professional Coach, this is where you develop your Coach identity, Competence and Confidence. Completion of the MNLP takes you one step closer to ICI Certified Life Coach.


Module 4: Posturing and Moving Your Body for Outstanding Performance (Body Intelligence)
25 - 29 Aug 2018

Module 5: Understanding Our Core Fears & Motivations - Overcoming the Limitations of Our Identity
22 - 26 Sep 2018

Module 6: Catching the Ninjas of Our Minds - Advanced Techniques for Working with Values and Limiting Beliefs
20 - 25 Oct 2018


FOR SINGAPOREANS AGED 25+: Great news! You can utilise your SKILLSFUTURE CREDIT S$500 to offset the course fees.

Exciting stuff coming up in the MNLP:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram: discovering the structure of your personality and how to progress towards your Best Healthy Self with NLP

  • Change Beyond Logic: help yourself and others align IQ-EQ-PQ-SQ; overcome subconscious sabotage and tap into an intelligence such as “gut feel”

  • How to transforming Limiting Beliefs—the hidden ninjas that often show up at the wrong time to sabotage our successes

  • How to create your own NLP tools and techniques on-the-fly with Generative NLP

  • Formulate your personal Mission Statement, first draft

  • Deep dive Body Intelligence by learning how to read, sense and posture for peak performance

  • How to remove negative emotions within minutes with Meridian Tapping

  • Values Realignment Coaching: How to create a clear values hierarchy where our head, heart and body agree

  • Most of all, you work your Self-Mastery by taking an honest look at your strengths and blind spots; you learn to make peace with your “Dark Side”, and you practice Self-Trust that enables you to swim in “deeper water”.

If you want to be a Professional Coach, the MNLP is where you can see your skill jump.

You’ll stop asking “how to use this technique and that technique?”. Within a short conversation, you start picking up Leveraging Points you can help people to shift, and you’ll formulate your own coaching solutions. Plus, after the MNLP, you can quickly move into the ICI Coach Certification.

Silently, 40 people have booked their seats for the MNLP. We hope you’d join them too.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe. The MNLP is like sharpening your axe. You are investing in yourself—raising your skills and self-mastery, developing a greater clarity about who you are, what are your strengths and focus, where are your limits. When you re-emerge from the MNLP, you can carry this “axe” into all other aspects of your life. You can overcome your challenges and get more done with less energy, time and frustration.

21 Years of Continuous Training & Refinement—Bringing You A Scientific, Time-Tested Methodology For Self-Mastery & Coaching.

The NLP Master Practitioner Fellowship

You'll be trained by BARNEY WEE himself.

Barney Wee, NLP Master Trainer

Barney is an NLP Elder and the pioneer of Multi-Intelligence-NLP. He has integrated NLP with the practical aspect of the Multiple Intelligences theory (formulated by Harvard Professor - Howard Gardner) and he is helping people achieve congruent and sustainable change at all levels – through coaching and training.

Barney was trained by the original developers, namely Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts and Tad James. Since 1997, Barney has certified thousands of NLP Practitioners and trained thousands of people in the practical applications of NLP, including Sales, Communication, Coaching, Interviewing Skills, and especially “Changing Personal Paradigms.”

Recently in 2015 Barney has been vetted by The International Association of NLP Institutes (based in Germany) for his 20 years of continual practice of NLP in the public and corporate sectors, and he was awarded the title of NLP Master Trainer. In the same year, he was invited and accepted into the exclusive NLP Leadership Summit ~ considered to be an NLP Elders Group (consisting of Robert Dilts, Joseph O’Connor, Shelle R. Charvet & many more), which requires a minimum of 15 years of active NLP practice and good public reputation.

An Internationally-Recognised NLP Certification Programme


“Learning NLP with Mind Transformations has supported my personal & professional development in many ways:

  • Effective strategies to use in my coaching. This means I’m able to produce desired results for my clients - which allows me to enjoy a higher billing and get more referred clients.

  • I understand myself better & am now able to be in a healthy state.

  • Having referred team members, associates, clients & friends to attend this certification, we now have a common language & understanding.”

-Anne Yeo, Team Catalyst, MAD Learning

“The most significant shift I have experienced in the NLP Practitioners course as a foundation for my coaching career is that I can no longer look at a person the same as before in that it has established in me a keen sharpness in reading every conversation and every behavioral exhibit during any conversation; a keen awareness of myself, my presence, my 'being-ness' and the conversational exchanges with my coaching clients.

The materials I have received from Mind Transformation are excellent compared to some other training I have gone through. The content is relevant and practical. The resources and support that come from the team are fantastic. Most importantly, Barney is an excellent teacher and selfless to impart his knowledge to anyone who is serious to learn and acquire knowledge.”

-Vincent Leong, Managing Consultant, Executive & Life Coach

“Signing up the course with Mind Transformation is the wisest gift I gave to myself this year. Barney, Agnes and their team are truly serious in designing, delivering and supporting the learning. They are walking their talk. They demonstrated sharp observation skills and provide useful feedback and encouragement according to the observations. There are strength, softness and lightheartedness offered throughout the course and fluid shift of energy according to the needs of participants. I gain more awareness of my multiple intelligence, become more flexible and see more possibilities and choices for my career and my life. No matter you are looking for career development, personal development or way to make some difference in people and society, I strongly recommend you to sign up the courses with MT.”

-Zhou Linlin, Freelance

"My journey began 20 years ago when I was an exasperated parent learning to deal with problems that my son who so unwittingly 'shared' with me or should I say snared me with.

At my wits' end, I still remember the first time I went to speak to Barney at his office in Dunlop Street. I was looking at how and what I could do to change my son! he convinced me that the change I am looking for comes from within me.

Down the road 20 years later, I am proud to be re-acquainted with Barney and the Mind Transformations team by going through the NLP Master Practitioner Course where I learnt new tools and techniques to manage myself better and have a better control of the environment around me with a positive outlook to life. I am glad to have done double Master Practitioner in NLP and a new, wonderful family supporting me and giving me the lift I need beneath my wings to soar higher than I have ever done. Its all about attitude and intentions and from what I have learned from Mind Transformation.... Barney, you were right on the nose 20 years ago and you are right on the nose 20 years on.

The change that I am looking for, comes from within me and within me, I know I have you guys.

Thank you for the past 20 years and looking forward to more wonderful years ahead with Mind Transformations."

-Marc Ee, Business Owner

"My journey with Mind Transformations (MT) especially the NLP Master Practioner course was amazing. The knowledge and skills taught were practical and relevant to my life. At the end of the course, you will notice a positive shift in your life that will take you closer to your outcomes.

All these changes could not be possible without the MT team and my NLP Master Practioner course mates. The MT team consists of Barney, Agnes, Joseph, Celine and Hans who were very supportive and encouraging to all of us throughout the course. It was their sincerity and resourcefulness that made a difference to our learning journey. My wonderful, courageous and open NLP Master Practioner course mates made learning enjoyable and authentic by staying true to themselves and others during our Hero’s Journey. The MT team and course mates kept the learning environment authentic, safe and conducive for learning. The experience is something that you got to see/hear/feel yourself in order to believe it. This is one course that is worth your time and money. Thank you, everyone, for making a difference in my life."

-Toh Jia Wen, Sport Science & Psychology Consultant

"As a professionally trained psychotherapist and certified counsellor, I am trained to spot incongruence and inconsistencies in what people say and what they do and to question these. After spending 16 days with Barney & his Mind Transformation team doing my Master Practitioner course, I have come to realise that they are authentic, genuine and care deeply about the development, progress and transformation of each and every person in the class. They do not just put information in our hands, but ensure it moves from the intellect into our hearts and bodies to help us make the connection between what’s taught and how it should be lived.

Words cannot express my gratitude to the team of wonderful and caring people of Mind Transformation for making my professional journey of self-mastery and discovery such a meaningful one and for giving us, the students, the space and respect to learn, practice and express ourselves. Thank you from my heart. You guys are more than awesome - you are mind transformational!"

-Alastair Leo Tan, Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Coach

You probably have great plans, and want to see yourself grow this year. Use this course to work on yourself and your goals. We promise that if you pour yourself into the course, you’ll see tangible progress. One year from now, you’ll be having a different conversation about your life.



Call/Whatsapp: +65-8186 7508
Email: info[a]

We typically respond within 36 hours.

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1 Science Park Drive

Singapore, 118221


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