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FutureShockNow!- What's Your Strategy for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

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Mapletree Business City, 20 Pasir Panjang Road (East Wing)


Note: 1) 10 mins walk from Labrador Park MRT 2) Venue subjected to change but will be in central area and near MRT, 117439

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Refund Policy

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“Learn about how the Future Economy Will Revolutionize Your Industry, Company & Profession Within A Decade and How You Can Benefit from It”


Many industries and professions will change more in next 10 years than in last 50, probably even 100. The next generation of digital technologies will radically empower, disrupt and transform the future of business, work and, even humanity itself. Within years, we will reach the tipping point and convergence of intelligent technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, blockchain) that will enable the re-imagination of the way we live, work, play, learn, communicate and heal. We are on the verge of being Future Shocked.

“We are at the beginning of a revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope and complexity, what I consider to be the fourth industrial revolution is unlike anything humankind has experienced before. We are witnessing profound shifts across all industries, marked by the emergence of new business models, the disruption of incumbents and the reshaping of production, consumption, transportation and delivery systems.” Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman World Economic Forum and Author of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

By the time this technological disruption happens, it will be too late to respond and incumbents will be swept aside. Instead, we must pre-empt and prepare for disruptions so we can benefit from or even lead in this creative destruction process.

Whether you are a business leader, corporate executive, entrepreneur or career professional, it is crucial that you understand the deep impacts of disruptive technologies, trends and threats on your business and profession. This will help you stay ahead of the game, rather than risk being disrupted.

This hi-impact seminar will shock-and-wow you and change the way you think about and plan for the future.

“The global economy is being transformed by changes far greater in speed and scale than any other in human history. …national policies, regional strategies and long accepted economic theories are now irrelevant to the new realities of our new hyper-connected, tightly integrated, highly interactive, and technologically revolutionalized economy.” Al Gore

What’s Covered:

  • Understanding the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Previewing the Future of Business, Technology and Work

  • Appreciating Digital Transformation and Disruption of Industries

  • Predicting and Preparing for Future Disruptions

  • Anticipating the Biggest Investment, Economic and Business Opportunity of Our Time

  • Adopting Future Strategies for your own Company, Business and Career

  • Upgrading your Plans, Mindsets and Capabilities


  • Seize the golden opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution for your company, career and investments (up to US$33 Trillion/year of economic value)

  • Pre-empt and avoid the risk of the next phases of technological, industry and digital disruption

  • Transform your business and yourself for the Future Economy ahead of your competition and peers

Who Should Attend:

  • Corporate Leaders and Business Executives

  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

  • PMEs and Career Professionals

  • Consultants and Educators

  • Investors and Financial Advisors

About the Speaker:

Charlie Ang is a Keynote Speaker, Business Futurist, Disruption Expert and Innovation Strategist. In 2013, he wrote about the fourth technological paradigm, which the World Economic Forum later termed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2016.

"How you think about the future changes everything about your future. Are you thinking about the future in the right way?" Charlie Ang

Charlie spends his time analysing, imagining and explaining the future, especially on how technology will impact, disrupt and empower businesses, industries, professions and economies. He inspires, advises and speaks to organisations and leaders to innovate and transform in the 4th Industrial Revolution. He is the Founding President of The Innovators Institute and Ambassador of SingularityU Singapore, the local chapter of Singularity University.

He received his MBA from the NUS Business School and BSc (First Class) Honours in Computer Science from University of Manchester, UK. He is trained in strategic futures, design and innovation at Singularity University (in Silicon Valley), Oxford University’s Said Business School and Stanford University. He is also an Authorized Expert in Exponential Organizations (ExO) methodology.

He is the Regional Judge of the prestigious IDC Asia-Pacific Digital Transformation Awards and on the steering committee and judging panel of Singapore Human Resources Awards 2018. He has been interviewed and featured by BBC (World New Channel), FInancial Times, Channel NewsAsia, Straits Times, Business Times, MediaCorp and others.

His expert profile is available here: http://bit.do/charlieangbio and Facebook page here: http://bit.do/charlieang

FutureShockNow! is the first time Charlie is offering his future insights and expertise, which is well-sought by corporations, to the public in an accessible and affordable format.

His sample Straits Times articles:

“Preparing for Singapore 4.0”: http://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/preparing-for-singapore-40

“Disruptive Technology Plays Out in Swiber Debacle”: http://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/disruptive-technology-plays-out-in-swiber-debacle

“I Not Robot, I am Smarter”: http://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/i-not-robot-i-am-smarter

“SME At Risk of Losing Out in High Stakes Innovation Wars”: http://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/smes-at-risk-of-losing-out-in-high-stakes-innovation-wars


“Charlie's strong message on "disruptive future is not an extension of the yesterday we know" deserves our serious attention with immediate mindset shift and behaviourial change. Especially in our approach to educating ourselves and our next generations!”, TENG THENG DAR, EX-CEO OF SINGAPORE BUSINESS FEDERATION & FORMER CHAIRMAN OF APEC BUSINESS ADVISORY COUNCIL

“Technology convergence is transforming the way we work and think, how we consume and how we relate. As an advanced economy, Singapore’s workforce will be among the first in the global economy to be impacted – bring about the threat of jobs loss and the opportunities of new possibilities. PMEs should be mindful of what trends are impacting us just around the corner to prevent us from being blind-sided – and to be invested in new skills and technology so as to be poised to be the first to enjoy the fruits of technologically-advanced economy.

Charlie has been the tireless herald of this technology wave, raising awareness and recommendations on how technology both disrupts the unprepared, and enables the prepared. He calls on all Singaporeans, all PMEs, all schools and all business to become innovation-driven. His ‘Future of Work’ series of talks and interventions will always be a source of inspiration, wonder and motivation to me and my teams at SHRI and The 8th Pinnacle.”, ETHAN TAN, FORMER EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF SINGAPORE HUMAN RESOURCES INSTITUTE (SHRI)

“If we think about futurists in Singapore, Charlie will come to mind. Having known him for a few years, I have seen many of his earlier predictions coming to pass. And he is not just about the future, he studied extensively and in depth about history and technology, which gives him the context to form his views. Add to that a heart and passion to see Singapore and Singaporeans to be better prepared for the future shock, he is someone who I will recommend to take heed and listen to.”, Eric Lew, Executive Director, Wong Fong Industries, Founder, WFRID Innovation (also Inventor of Singapore’s first supercar and selected as Straits Times Singaporeans of the Year 2016)

"Charlie is an astute thinker, engaging writer and inspirational speaker on how rapidly advancing technologies will impact the economy, business and people today and in the future. I benefited both professionally and personally from his deep insights. Thank you, Charlie!" Xander Friedländer, Senior Vice President APAC, Retail Insight

“He is a very engaging speaker. He is able to make something complicated, simple. I thoroughly enjoyed his talk on “The End of Business As Usual”. It is a complex subject, but he was able to explain clearly what the effects on the factors listed are. I walked away confirming some of my own understanding and learning new things in the process. For anyone, wanting to know what the future of business will be like, then you should not miss this.” Lim Kien Hwee, Divisional Director, International Enterprise Singapore

“Charlie’s talk was very insightful. It gave a strong understanding of the upcoming changes in the innovation economy and helps put one in a competitive advantage. I would recommend for anyone who wants to shape the future as opposed to entering it passively.” Prakash Natarajan, Global IT Director, Unilever Asia

"This workshop was a real eye opener in linking currently developing technologies to possible future scenarios and how they could disrupt business and work as we know it now. The workshop was also a treasure trove of examples and anecdotes that made it easy to understand and follow." Mark Khng, Senior Specialist | U Future Leaders, NTUC

“Charlie’s class is revolutionary! I had a paradigm shift and greater awareness of the urgency to unlearn, learn, embrace change, celebrate innovation and excited for the unknown smart future. He deepened my business identity to be a technology provider/owner than the receiving user. I’m happy to know that what I’m doing, empowers businesses, innovate lives and much deep learning ahead.” Co-Founder of FoodZaps Technology - Rina Loh

“Charlie’s lessons on the future is highly crucial for any entrepreneurs to stay relevant of what is coming ahead that might disrupt their businesses badly.” Kenji Lim, successful entrepreneur of multiple businesses

“This program is a wake up call and eye opener. It is indeed much needed to stimulate radical shift in mindset, to cope with the world that is not only constantly changing, but at an accelerating pace. Thank you Charlie for sharing practical and priceless insights in this presentation and engaging discussion.” Ivan Bunarsih, 32, Research Analyst

Administrative Note:

The venue is subjected to change but will be at a convenient location in CBD area.

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Date and Time



Mapletree Business City, 20 Pasir Panjang Road (East Wing)


Note: 1) 10 mins walk from Labrador Park MRT 2) Venue subjected to change but will be in central area and near MRT, 117439

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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