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How to Prevent & Beat Cancer (for real)

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51 Cuppage Road #07-22

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The problem is you never hear about them.


Nicholas was diagnosed on 18 June 2015. Doctors told him it was late stage cancer. He was on the brink of giving up. His family and friends were worried for him. For the first time in his life, he realized how important having health really is.

But just as he was about to throw in the towel…

His nephew introduced him to a special immunotherapy health regime. In less than 3 months, his dangerous (98.7) PSA reading sank back to the normal and healthy (3.73) range (0 - 4 is the normal range).

It Was Like Divine Intervention!

Attend this event to learn in great details what health regime has sank his cancer marker from dangerous level to healthy level. The same regime has also helped other cancer patients and the outcomes are very promising.

FACT: One in four men and one in five women here are likely to get cancer by the time they are 75 years old. Lung cancer kills the most; most common for men is colorectal; for women, breast.

Incidence of cancer by age 75

If you know someone suffering from cancer or you’re suffering from it yourself (or even if you are simply keen on understanding how to better safeguard yourself and your family against cancer), we want to invite you down for a life-changing 2 hours sharing session to show you how this health regime helped a cancer patient reduce his cancer marker from a dangerous 98.7 to a healthy 3.73 within a couple of months. And more importantly, how you could do the same.

Here's what will be covered:

  • Learn in great details exactly how Mr. Nicholas Chia was able to reduce his cancer marker from dangerous level (98.7) to healthy level (3.73) in 3 months (0 - 4 normal range). And what else did he do on the daily basis, e.g. daily exercise, food intake, food to avoid etc.
  • Why cancer isn’t the end of the road and how to be a more supportive person to your loved ones suffering from cancer – it’s more than just the illness they’re dealing with, there’s also the emotional and psychological pressure they’re feeling.
  • Why randomly eating fruits isn’t going to improve your condition and might actually harm your body instead – Adding fruits to your diet is important but you need the right nutrients from the right fruits.
  • The “Boost Your Immunity” health regime program to help fight against cancer and prevent it from resurfacing.
  • Why an organized Daily Detox Health Regime is the fastest way to force your body to live healthier. (Every day we consume sugar, trans fat, saturated fat and other things that builds up toxicity in our body. Detoxing will help cleanse and destroy these toxins).
  • How you can put yourself on this detox program and enjoy the many benefits for FREE - you could be feeling healthier, energetic, and stronger.
  • Why cancer isn't necessarily a 'death sentence'. Learn about a simple but effective preventive 'anti-cancer' health regime everyone should adopt!

Amazing Feedback from Former Cancer Patients

Stage 4 Lungs, Nasopharyngeal and Bone Cancers - Mr. Wong Hooi Sooi (age 69)

Stage 4 Lungs, Nasopharyngeal and Bone Cancers

  • Since 1994, Mr. Wong has greatly suffered severe pain from Nasopharyngeal cancer. In 2005, it spread to his lungs, lymph nodes and bones.
  • Despite surgery and treatment, his condition worsened.
  • In 2009, after being on this health regime for 6 months, his PET scan did not show any sign of cancer at all.
  • As of Oct 2015, he is declared to have recovered from cancer and living in good health.

Stage 4 Cervical Cancer - Ms. Viji Prajit (age 63)

Stage 4 Cervical Cancer

  • In Jan 2008, despite 52 sessions of chemo and radiotherapy, her cervical cancer still spread to her lymph nodes and she could no longer continue with her treatments as her weight dropped to 30kg.
  • In 2010, after 8 months of being on the health regime, no cancer cells were found in her body.
  • After 5 years of the regime, she recovered from cancer and remains strong and healthy.

Stage 4 Lymphoma and Bone Cancer - Ms. Supatsara Aimek (age 52)

Stage 4 Lymphoma and Bone Cancer

  • In 2011, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma cancer which spread to her right leg bone. It resulted in a fracture and caused her sever pain.
  • After 3 months with the health regime, bone re-growth occurred.
  • After 12 months, X-rays showed her fracture had fully healed and her skin condition improved after 2 weeks.
  • As of May 2015, she is declared free from cancer and remains in good health condition.

Stage 4 Prostate, Spine and Bone Cancer - Mr. Suthep Wanthong (age 65)

Stage 4 Prostate, Spine and Bone Cancer

  • He discovered he has prostate cancer in 2011. After undergoing surgery and radiation treatment, his body went completely numb.
  • But after being on the health regime for 15 days, he regained movement of his upper body.
  • In May 2012, his PSA had fallen to 0.75 ng/ml and he is living his normal daily lifestyle again.

Register Now to Start Your Transformational Journey!

Do feel free to invite someone you know who may benefit greatly to this live sharing session.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that the materials here is provided for your general information only. It is not intended to be and should not be construed as any form of health advice. We do not provide opinions on how or what you should or should not be taking, and you should always do your own research and seek professional advice before making any decision.
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Click Events Pte Ltd

51 Cuppage Road #07-22

Singapore, Singapore 229469


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