Ideas & Inspiration: Live at LLI (October 2018)

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Lifelong Learning Institute, Lecture Theatre (Lobby B, Level 2)

11 Eunos Road 8

Singapore, Singapore 408601


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Ideas & Inspiration is a series of live events where carefully selected thought leaders will take stage to passionately share inspiring ideas to an audience of curious souls who are looking to get a deeper understanding of the world and and how to create positive change.

Ideas & Inspiration aims to create a global community of change-makers who believe in making the world a better place through the sharing of knowledge.

Register now for this session to connect with like minded people and get ready for some thought provoking talks.

Featured Talks For This Session

Lessons from the Trenches - Peter Morgan

Having spent 33 years in law enforcement on the mean streets of Hong Kong, retired Assistant Commissioner of the Hong Kong Police Peter Morgan shares the three key lessons he learnt during the time, and how we can apply these lessons in day to day life.

Embracing the Essence of Life - Zai Miztiq

What would you do if you were told there was a 95% chance you might never walk again? This was exactly what the doctors told Zai after she broke her spine in an accident in 2005. Armed with a belief system to defy the odds, she fought hard to recover and was walking again six months later! In this passionate talk, Zai will remind us how precious life truly is and how we can decide to live a fulfilling and purposeful one.

The ‘Language’ of Creativity - Hazriq Idrus

Creativity is often a skill that is associated with people in arts, design and media, but what if there’s a way to unlock it for everyone? Creativity is within all of us, says Hazriq Idrus, and unlocking it begins with the language that we use daily — Changing our language will change our creative energy. Discover more as Hazriq shares not only about the misconception of creativity, but also the elements of creativity that form the foundation of positive-thinking and adaptability.

Wounds to Wisdom: Turning Lead to Gold - Anji Hallewell

Everything is energy, said Einstein, it cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be exchanged and change in form. This is not philosophy, this is physics! Anji Hallewell, the founder of Hidden Lava, explores how we can create positive change by turning our wounds into wisdom by cultivating an alchemic approach to emotions and energy.

Leading as s 'Heart–Count' Leader - Go Ashokh Menon

Leaders are in a position to impact lives, but how many do it purposefully and positively? In this talk, Ashokh calls on us to treat people as human beings rather than digits as this is where the true magic of leadership happens

Self-Awareness as the Main Design Tool - Ori Takemura

Head of UX Design at Singapore Press Holdings, Ori Takemura shares how the notion of awareness is a fundamental skill every designer needs, not just from the aspect of designing products and systems, but also to design our life for continual success.

About The Speakers

Peter Morgan is currently the Vice-President of Clement Shield Group Ltd, a security consultant and event organizer. Based in Hong Kong. He previously served for 33 years in the Hong Kong Police (HKP), retiring in 2015 as an Assistant Commissioner. During his service with the HKP, Peter worked in a number of operational, strategic and training positions, including the Emergency Unit and the Police Tactical Unit. He was also a hostage negotiator for 24 years and Commander of the Hostage Negotiation Unit for 12 years. Peter is also the author of “Critical Issues in Crisis Negotiations”, available on Amazon.

Zai Miztiq is a walking, talking miracle who is also a celebrity author, international speaker and travelling trainer. After a painful recovery from a major road accident that almost rendered her paralysed, Zai’s determination for a comeback redefine her life’s mission which became a driving force for her to positively impact the lives of others.

Hazriq Idrus is a stage actor turned Professional Speaker who specialises in the areas Applied Creativity & Communication. Since starting his own company, The Speaking Factory, back in 2011, Hazriq has trained and spoken for organisations such as BMW, Petronas, Starhub & various other government agencies. He is also an adjunct lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, where he delivers modules on Creativity & Innovation. Hazriq authored his first book, ‘The Stage Fright Antidote!’ in 2013 and has since co-authored 5 other books.

Anji Hallewell has spent years mastering the impact of behaviour on human potential. A series of life changing events threw her into an early midlife crisis, which inspired her to find her purpose. Today she is a transformational coach and trainer with a unique initiative ability to elevate professional and personal frequency.

Go Ashokh Menon is currently a “change agent” with a focus on facilitating workshops for leaders to create high performance cultures and teams. His leadership experience spans over 30 years where he has been part of the senior leadership teams of Wealth Management Companies in Singapore and in Hong Kong. Ashokh is a certified practitioner & master facilitator of the People Centred Implementation (PCI®) methodology.

Ori Takemura - A Head of UX Design at Singapore Press Holdings, for over a decade Ori has been focused on bridging the gap between the human condition and digital interactions. Ori helps leading global brands bring meaningful, human centered products to the market through system design. He is also a founder of an interaction design & game studio QIXEN-P.

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Date and Time


Lifelong Learning Institute, Lecture Theatre (Lobby B, Level 2)

11 Eunos Road 8

Singapore, Singapore 408601


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