MAX Appetizer Workshop (MAW) 2019

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Kainetik Learning Centre

208 Hougang Street 21


(3 mins walk from Kovan MRT Exit C), Singapore 530208


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Let your child discover the Universal Approach to solving Math Word Problems easily with the MAX Method.

If you are a parent of a Primary 4 or 5 child in 2019, do ask yourself these 2 questions…

  1. Is your child faring badly in Math and desperately needs help, especially if she will be taking the PSLE in 2020?

  2. Do you want your child to improve upon her grades in Math… regardless if she has been scoring E or U, or even consistent As when she has immense potential to score A*?

If you answer “Yes” to either or both questions, our prediction is that she is experiencing at least one of these challenges…

  1. Your child currently lacks the fundamental understanding of solving Math word problems!

  2. She has been overly subjected to rote learning and rigid acceptance of solutions, and because of that, she is not able to explain what she doesn’t know… or even knows!

  3. She finds that that there are way too many methods and heuristics at her level, making her disliking or even hating Math!

And you know what, if these challenges are not addressed, they will be aggravated by the time she takes her PSLE…

…due to her being unable to formulate logical reasonings in attempting the trickier questions…

…making her more confused when she is made to memorize steps after spotting questions…

…and further made worse if she doesn’t have a very qualified, motivating and experienced teacher who can really teach Math correctly.

These challenges are too real, and sad…

So many parents blame the Singapore education system for coming up with such levels of difficulty. Some blame the schools for not doing enough. We even know a handful who blame their children in being slow or stupid in grasping the Math principles!

Well, it shouldn’t have to be this way… because it’s really not the fault of our education system… not the issue with our schools… and definitely not the wrongdoings of our children.

If we need to find a reason to explain why Math seems so difficult for easily 70% of higher Primary school students in Singapore, we attribute it to one thing…


More specifically, the lack of one good method or approach to cater to the solving of word problems.

What if we tell you that we have found a proprietary approach that is:

  1. Developed in-house,

  2. Universal in its application towards solving word problems,

  3. Focused on the foundational concepts, instead of case-specific shortcuts or heuristics,

  4. Faster than drawing models,

  5. Accepted in PSLE,

  6. The Foundation for secondary school Math, and

  7. Simply understood… even for parents!

We call this method the MAX Method.

So what is it and how can it be so “wondrous” and “magical” in solving word problems?

Well firstly, the MAX Method is a universal approach for solving Primary 5 and 6 Math word problems on whole numbers, fractions, ratios, percentages, decimals, average, rate, speed, measurements and algebra.

It is based on the 4 operations, numerical comparisons and simple algebra, so your child will not be confused by the long list of different methods and heuristics that are each only applicable to a specific type of problems.

Our centre - Kainetik Learning Centre will officially open for our intake for Year 2020 in November 2019. In the meantime, with so much demand from parents who want to discover how the MAX Method, along with our curriculum, can help their children next year…

We have decided to open up a series of weekend afternoon workshops! So starting from 13 Oct 2019, every Sunday, both of us will run what we call a MAX Appetizer Workshop (or MAW for short).

In this workshop, you and your will discover the “wondrous” and “magical” approach that is the MAX Method. Specifically, these are what you will get during the workshop:

1. One Method to Rule Them All

You and your child will discover why the MAX Method is the fastest and simplest way to solve all word problems by using just 3 Magic Tables!

2. MAX Loves Whole Numbers

You will then learn how the MAX Method uses only Whole Numbers to easily analyse and solve even word problems on Fractions and Decimals!

3. Just Simple Algebra, No Model Drawing

And to conquer the bane for many students, you will find out how just Simple Algebra can be used to solve those complex word problem!

And as a BONUS for investing your time with us on a Sunday afternoon, bring home a Cheat Sheet on “Understanding The English in Math” so that your child can simply decipher what those trickily-worded statements and questions mean!

If you and your child qualify for all the requirements below, then the MAW is the perfect workshop for you!

1. Your child will be attending Primary 5 or 6 in Year 2020.

2. She has been struggling to figure out what methods or heuristics to use for solving word problems... or simply, she just needs to improve in her Math for the next year.

3. Because your child absolutely hates to draw models... or she loves it so much that she spends too much time drawing and perfecting them... so you are open to discovering an alternative method that has been applied and accepted in past PSLEs, in solving complex Math word problems easily.

4. You are looking for more assistance in the coaching of your child, especially in 2020.

5. You want to jump the queue over the scores of parents in the 1.5-year waiting list, in wanting to engage either of us – Kai Meng or Junhong, to coach your child.

So hurry, as we have only space for 10 pairs of parents and children in our humble centre per session of the MAW.

And because of our schedule, we probably will not be able to conduct any more sessions beyond those listed in this page. Most possibly, the only other way to learn more about the MAX Method is by enrolling in our Online Course, which will cost you around 10 times the price of the fee to the MAX Appetizer Workshop.

So don’t wait anymore. Quickly reserve 2 seats for you and your child now before the other hundreds of parents reading this page at the same time as you, will do so!

We – Kai Meng and Junhong, are looking forward to improve the thinking of your child!

And that’s really the best way for her to learn!

Date and Time


Kainetik Learning Centre

208 Hougang Street 21


(3 mins walk from Kovan MRT Exit C), Singapore 530208


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