MindScape Workshop with Irene Khor (2.5 Day Workshop)

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A methodology that structurally guides you on an inward journey TO Get in-touch with your inner self and re-acquaint with your inner world.

Resulting in countless accomplishments when you seek out opportunities, explore possibilities, resolve external challenges as you continue to grow exponentially inward, while overcoming inner fears and releasing emoyional baggages.


This 2.5 Day Course allows every human mind to stretch beyond its dynamism and take a leap from old habit patterns from the "conditioned limitations", into "infinite possibilities" !!!

Friday (Jan 4): 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Saturday (Jan 5): 9:30am - 5:30pm
Sunday (Jan 6): 9:30am - 5:30pm

Learn skills to re-wire and re-pair neuropathways in the hardwired brain to form new connections that connects your life experiences, with your inner world's interpretations.

So you can align your life's passion and destiny with your external reality and expectations.


  • Individuals (Self healing): To relax and unwind the busy mind, in order to get proper sleep, refresh oneself and recharge batteries for body to do self-healing activities

  • Individuals (Personal discovery): Get to know yourself better and find out what limits you (emotionally, mentally, culturally or spiritually), from finding solutions to un-stuck from and making your own decisions

  • Family/Relationships (Conflict resolution): Gain greater understanding in situations where a conflict arises with another person, by inviting the person into her Mindscape "living room" to investigate the issues and obtain a different perspective on the problem

  • At Work - develop business ideas, relationships (with clients/staff/peers/leaders), improve productivity and decision making, and gain better clarity over doubt.

  • Sales: Intuition to 'read' clients' requirements, to make THE offer that meet your clients needs and expectations

  • Teacher/Trainer: Prepare for future activity (lectures, workshops, presentation, examination, sports) by 'testing out' new approaches via mental rehearsals - creative ideas and insights often appear

  • Students (for learning) - Stronger concentration, memory and learning abilities, aware of resistance towards learning, create of own learning style)

  • Therapists: ability to tune in to patients at various deep levels of being and even enables the practitioner to treat at a distance and heal quantum entanglement

  • Other application includes... awareness of the limitless potential of the mind, jetlag for frequent travelers, working with time (constantly late)... etc.

Unlocking The Path to Your Inner World
"The outer world is the mirror-reflection of your inner world".


  • Mindscape is a superb way of unlocking the best in us, by using the complete-mind to improve and enhance the quality of our life, relationships, work, studies, experiences and learnings in so many ways.

  • Revisit boundaries of conditions we've accepted as normal, which confines and prevent ourselves from even trying; and fearful to attempt.

  • Explore where the consciousmind can’t understand nor reach:

    - wisdom,
    - creative solutions,
    - out-of-box thinking,
    - unlimited resources,
    - off-load emotional baggages,
    - break old habits and repetitive behavioural patterns,
    - connection with collective consciousness or universal knowledge
    - body's natural healing abilities... etc.

    And much more...


  • A System to approach any given opportunity in life successfully, with faith and confidence!

  • How to attain trust again - with yourself, others and life itself.

  • How to do your absolute best in any given situation, feeling assured and complete, once you've done so!

  • How not to look back and regret for missing-out on a chance, either because you were fearful, weren't confident, didn't know how to approached it, or didn't trust yourself enough to explore.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will know how to:

  • Appreciate your unique inner existence

  • Re-connect and make peace with various aspects of yourSELF (younger self, future self, spiritual self, or roles you play in life - parent, spouse, employee or boss)

  • Work with concept of time by visiting aspects in past to obtain new wisdom

  • Resolve inner conflicts within yourself, which could've been projected outwards, to repair and maintain purposeful and effective relationships with others

  • Expand personal growth by exploring your capacity for self discovery, self-healing, self-trust

  • Discover ability to link to the universal consciousness to appreciate the mind’s role in restricting human potential and perception on ‘reality’

  • Unfold guidance and messages that contributes to spiritual growth and enhancements

  • Seek for hidden or un-spoken message from a loved one

  • Reignite dormant 'childlike-qualities' to connect with creativity, suppressed passion and aspirations to embrace realization of dreams, new experiences, and starting new relationships

  • Enhance creativity to come up with creative solutions, and explore alternative options with "out-of-box" thinking

  • Improve learning abilities and problem solving skills (e.g. better concentration, awareness, discover own learning style)

  • Unwind and de-stress the bodymind, and restore self-healing mechanisms through rest and sleep

  • Mental training to transcend limiting beliefs and confined mental ability, and utilize this ability for any type of performance scenarios (public speaking, athletic events, exams, surgery and recovery process)

  • Train constructive imagination skills

  • Overcome your mental limitations, societal expectations, self doubt, fears and barriers.

  • Unlock infinite possibilities and discover the hidden potential and abilities in work, business, arts, with people in family, school, and community...etc



Friday (Jan 4): 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Saturday (Jan 5): 9:30am - 5:30pm
Sunday (Jan 6): 9:30am - 5:30pm

Contact us for enquiries: learn@awakeningtouch.com.sg

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