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Hi, here's a follow-up if any disposal items ie. scrap renewal MAC or PC Mobile Computers/Tablet PC/i-PAD/Net Book/Notebook/Laptops/Mobile Phones/Electrical appliances/Others for disposal items.

List dispoal items model type, serial and quantity of the inventory list.


Do-Yi Enterprise (ECO-ITS star) Partner
Collect & Recycle 3R

Free Service Collection for Office Lots of Laptop Computer

Recycle Unwanted Techie e-Appliances:-

APPLE-iMAC iPad PC Tablet or Computer, Laptop (Intel i5 /i7 Core Quad), e-Gadgets - Handheld Tablets - Smart Phone Mobile Devices - Unwanted I.T. Equipment

Power Lots of Cables

Call us today for a pick up or to discuss any of our services.

Contact: +65 6659 6862 Email:

Salvage I.T. equipment to serve needs in our local community.

QR codes — quick response bar codes. You can scan them with your iPhone’s
or Android phone’s camera, using a special app that translates email to the correspondence.

Service Outreach: DO-YI Enterprise (Singapore)

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