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Nominee Director Services In Singapore

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The following are some of the answers

to your questions and most important of all,

why do you need a Nominee Director

in the first place.

However if you can't find any suitable answers

to your questions, feel free to contact us,

and we will explain to you in greater details.

Whey do you need a Nominee Director in Singapore?

The Singapore Companies Act

requires every Private Limited company

to have a minimum of one local Singapore resident director.

However, if you do not know any one in Singapore

who can become a director of your company,

we will provide you with a reliable Singapore local director

to be your nominee director.

What is a nominee director Singapore?

A nominee director is a person

appointed to represent

the interests of another group or person. ...

We can help you fulfil this requirement

by appointing one of our team members

to act as the nominee resident director

for your Singapore

company, on a short-term or annual basis.

What is the purpose of a nominee shareholder?

Nominee Shareholder Law and Legal Definition.

A nominee share holder refers to a company member

holding the shares on behalf of the actual owner or beneficial owner.

She is the registered owner of the share.

A nominee share holder holds the share under a custodial agreement.

Who is a nominal director?

Person who acts as a non-executive director

on the board of directors of a firm,

on behalf of another person or firm such as an bank,

investor, or lender.

Also, a resident in a tax haven who lends his or her name

to a non-resident as a trustee

on the board of an offshore firm in that haven.

What is the meaning of nominee director?

A nominee director is a director appointed to the board of a company

to represent the interests of his appointor on that board.

He may be appointed by a shareholder, a creditor or another stakeholder.

This puts such a director on a collision course

with the duties he owes as a director to his company.

Can you be sole director and company secretary?

Yes, the Director can be appointed

as a Company Secretary although the Company Secretary

is no longer a mandatory appointment.

However, in the case of a PLC the company

needs to have two Directors AND a Company Secretary.

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Best regards,

Terrence Wan

Date and Time


Once registered, we will contact you and arrange a meetup session.



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