Optimal Maternal Positioning Bendigo 20 May 2019

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There continues to be much discussion about optimal foetal positioning, and rightfully so because it is often the key to obtaining healthy vaginal births. The subject of ‘which way the baby’s face is facing’ and how it can impact labour, has been documented in the medical literature over the centuries by midwives and doctors alike. If the baby's face is up, or at mom's symphysis pubis, it often is cited as a reason for doing a c section.

With more than enough medical evidence and research to show how babies born in the posterior position or have been in a posterior position during labour has led birth workers worldwide to teach “Optimal Foetal Positioning” (OFP) - a handbook by New Zealander’s Jean Sutton and Pauline Scott – to pregnant women where they are taught to understand how the baby moves during labour, which positions to avoid, and which positions help turn a posterior baby.

Tips such as not sitting in the bucket seat of a car for too long are given, and mom’s willingness to follow suit is essential. However, the emphasis on having babies positioned in the Left-Occiput-Anterior (LOA) position before or at the start of labour can also trigger other insecurities, fears, exhaustion, and interventions for mom and baby.

Many women come to me for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) because their previous birth team missed classic signs of a posterior before and during labour including: going past due dates, mom feeling lots of limbs in front during her pregnancy and back pain during pregnancy, slow-to-start early labour, irregular contraction patterns, slow dilation with slow progress, or even rapid dilation with a slow and often difficult, if not excruciating second stage of pushing, or continuous back ache during labour and where the backaches are more intense than the contractions itself.

Whilst OFP has contributed to the knowledge of both pregnant mothers and birth attendants alike in enabling smoother deliveries, it also has its flaws that have not been taken into consideration such as the fact that research shows that 67% of mothers start labour with the baby in Left-Occiput-Transverse (LOT) and not Left-Occiput-Anterior (LOA).

Also, when we assume that LOA is the most favourable position, we do not take into consideration the different types of pelvis there is amongst women, and even if the mother has the type of pelvis that majority of women have, imbalances within the pelvis can also hinder the progress of labour.

Having a baby pass through the pelvis is like putting the key through the keyhole. If the key hole is rusty, there may be problems of a smooth insertion. The key may get stuck and cause difficulties turning to unlock or even removing the key. The good news is there are many things that pregnant women can do to not just help with the key – key, meaning the baby! And there is a lot more than she can do to create space within the keyhole – meaning the pelvis, for the baby to pass through.

This is where ‘Optimal Maternal Positioning’ (OMP) comes in. OMP is an equally important concept which has a direct impact on optimal foetal positioning. Creating a smooth path for the baby to navigate through the pelvis during labour and birth depends on the ability for the baby to work through the cardinal movements during the processes of descent and dilation. And because of this perspective, the teamwork between the mother and her baby will give her the best chance of a swifter easier delivery.

“Bringing alignment and mobility within the mother’s pelvis enables the baby’s cardinal movements to facilitate labor progress”

Workshop Outline:

  • What is Optimal Fetal Positioning (OFP)?

  • Shortfalls of OFP

  • What is Optimal Maternal Positioning (OMP)?

  • Pelvic Alignment

- Importance of pelvic alignment to enhance pelvic mobility

- Pelvic Alignment Protocols

  • Pelvic Mobility

- Levels of the Pelvis & Cardinal Movements
- Intrinsic vs Extrinsic mobility of the pelvis
- Pelvic Mobility Protocol: Modify the pelvic openings
- Pelvic Mobility Protocol: Comfort measures
- Pelvic Mobility Protocol: Facilitate cardinal movements

  • Pregnancy

- Pelvic Alignment Protocol for Pregnancy
- Pelvic Mobility Protocols for Pregnancy
- Daily Maternal Movements
- ‘One a Day’ Pregnancy Stretches
- Prenatal Bonding & Awareness
- Pregnancy Discomforts & Pain

  • Navigating Road Blocks

  • Assessing Labor Progress

  • Labor & Birth: Learn to use these protocols to facilitate baby’s cardinal movements through the various levels of the pelvis to enable labor to progress

- Pelvic Alignment Protocols

- Pelvic Mobility Protocol

  • IBPA Online Mentoring & OMP Accreditation

1. Be an International Birth Professionals Association (IBPA) member during your certification!

2. OMP Certificate of Attendance (within 2 years)

3. Subscribe to the IBPA online mentoring platform where you get the workshop content online for refresher purposes, webinars, online community and support.

4. Submit and pass the assignments from the IBPA online mentoring platform OMP tutorials.

5. Take the online exam after you have fulfilled 1-4.

After requirements 1-5 have been fulfilled, we invite you to attend another as an OMP supporter free of charge. This is where you would have the opportunity to reassess your talents and all you have learned by actively assisting us with the hands on portion of the workshop, as well as observing the teaching skills.

Certified OMP is valid for 3 years before recertification!

To confirm your registration, please fill in the following mandatory registration form:


Workshop details are as follows:

Date: Monday, 20 May 2019

Time: Registration is from 8:00am and the workshop will start at 8:30am SHARP and conclude at 5:30pm.

Cost includes GST and Eventbrite Booking Fees:

*AUD195: Student Price (1-30 April 2019)

AUD295: Early Bird (1-30 April 2019)

AUD335: Normal Price (1-11 May 2019)

* If you use this ticket type, you must show your student ID upon registration on actual day.

Workshop includes tea/coffee on arrival, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

We are strictly limited to 40 people; therefore please be quick and full payment is required to confirm your attendance.


Venue subject to change based on availability. We will inform you of any changes at least 2 weeks before the start of the workshop. Please confirm with us before booking any flights and/or accommodation close to the venue as there are no refunds to the ticket sales unless the workshop is canceled because the workshop did not fill up.

We will only start the workshop with a minimum of 30 participants. We will inform you at least 2 weeks before the start the workshop, if not sooner, if the workshop is confirmed. If not, we will refund you the workshop fees that you have registered and paid for.

This is a non-refundable event. Once you have registered, if you cannot make it, you are welcome to find someone to take your place. We will do our best to try and assist you, however there are no guarantees. Please email us with the replacement name, email address, and mobile number.

For more information please contact Chantel/Hui Tze at iwantagoodbirth@fourtrimesters.com or via WhatsApp on +65 9664 4565.

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Date and Time


The Capital

50 View St

Bendigo, Victoria 3550


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