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Master the "Model the Winners Method" So You Can Pump Out High-Converting Copy Without Going Through Painful, Expensive Trials & Errors!

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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

First off, congrats on being here.

And for acknowledging the importance of persuasive copywriting in your business.

If you write your own marketing materials...

I’m sure you can totally relate to the struggle of trying to write from scratch every single time…

… and the frustration of not getting the results you expect after putting in a ton of work and sacrificing your precious time with your loved ones.

It’s a shitty feeling.

I know that because I’ve been there 100%.

And that is why I want to show you an easier way today.

So what is the easier way?

ANS: Reverse engineer winning copy, extract the winning essence, and adapt to your offer to produce your very own winning marketing message.

That’s right.

Instead of writing from scratch every single time…

You can save a ton of time and energy simply by identifying the winners and following what’s already proven to work.

The best part is…

It’s actually simpler than it sounds.

And you can learn this powerful method today in just 2 short hours.

So here’s what you can expect:

In this special training, you’ll learn how to use the powerful "Model the Winners Method" to…

Craft Your Very Own Irresistible Offer

You’ll learn how to craft an offer so good (and different) that your target customers simply cannot refuse. No more wasting your ad dollars on boring “me too” or “we’re the best” offers that most people would ignore!

Craft Your Unique Big Marketing Idea

You’ll learn the 7 powerful elements to craft your intriguing “Big Marketing Idea” and use it to produce magnetic marketing messages (incl. an analysis of a wildly successful big marketing idea selling something common and unsexy)

Craft Intriguing Headlines to Grab Attention Instantly

You’ll learn the proven structures and elements you can use to craft intriguing headlines, so you can stand out in the overcrowded online marketplace and win your target audience’s undivided attention instantly every time!

Craft Compelling Bullet Points at Record Speed

You’ll learn the fastest and most effective way to write compelling and interesting bullet points that’ll get your prospects excited, position you as the industry expert, and can’t wait to take up your offers right away

Craft Authentic & Highly Persuasive Facebook Ads

You’ll learn the simple and powerful ways of writing attention-grabbing, persuasive, and compliant Facebook ads to get a steady flow of hot leads and sales for your offers, so you can maximize your ROI always

Craft Systematic & High-Converting Sales Pages

You’ll learn how to craft a high-converting sales page by using the proven persuasion structure and key elements to systematically influence and convert total strangers into buyers… predictably and consistently!


In this hyper-actionable training, there will be click-by-click walkthrough to show you exactly how to get great ideas and craft authentic and compelling marketing messages like clockwork.

And to make your life even easier and save you even more time…

I’m also giving you exclusive bonus access to my 1,000+ “fill in the blanks” winning copywriting templates ($499 value) that I’ve collected over my 8 years as a marketer.

So you can just pick a winning template anytime and simply fill in the blanks to pump out high-converting copy on demand.

Just imagine how good it would feel if you could pump out high-converting ads and sales pages quickly every single time…

... and enjoy a steady stream of leads and sales without worrying about ad fatigue, fierce competition, or inconsistent results ever again.

What’s it worth to you to feel like that? 


Now it’s time to brag a little.

I don’t enjoy it, but I understand that you may still have doubts.

So, here’s what people say after learning from me…

“I’ve bought a number of courses/programs and learned from a number of top gurus before… but I’m still getting a lot of value from Sam, especially in persuasive copywriting. And he helps me to get more clarity on how I can apply what I’ve learned to my business. Best of all, it doesn’t cost me a bomb to get all these value!”

~ Dr. Susan Hue

“Learned a lot of new stuff. Clear actionable steps to improve my copy on the platforms I’m running. Best thing is that I can implement the stuff that I have learnt right away, on my website, sales letter, ads and most importantly the sales techniques. Anyone looking for copywriting can try out Sam’s course. Will definitely recommend it to anyone!”

~ Desmond Teng

"Sam gave great, actionable advice to my team and I with regards to the copy of our ads. We're working on a start-up, and Sam went the extra mile to do some contextual research before our call to make sure that it would be value-adding. He was able to answer all of our questions with clarity, and even shared related resources with us after our call. His knowledge goes far beyond copywriting (into digital marketing and funnel building) which was very helpful. I'd recommend Sam to anyone who's trying to make more sales, and who wants their sales copy analyzed!"

~ Cepheaus C.

I’ve picked the testimonials above from Dr. Susan, Desmond, and Cepheaus not because they sing great praises about me, but because they are a good representation of what learning from me feels like and what you can expect.

I truly believe this is the most accurate reflection of what lies ahead for you. And I am certain you’ll say something equally good after completing this hyper-actionable training.

It’s Decision Time

So now you have an important choice to make…

You can continue doing what you’ve been doing this whole time...

... but you know where that will lead.

Another half-hearted attempt to grow your business… and you mumbling something about “bad economy” or “tough competition” when asked about it.

Is that really where you want to go?

If the answer is NO, then take a new action and get a new result!

Get instant access to this hyper-actionable step by step "Model the Winners Method" that’ll give you the formidable power to make people persuade themselves to buy quickly, buy more, and buy frequently...

When you sign up for "Model the Winners Method" today, you’ll also be getting 5 more fast action bonuses from me:

FAST ACTION BONUS #1 ($199 value): An in-depth copywriting analysis of a million-dollar small business funnel you can model after that reveals the proven strategy and tactics this simple business is using to acquire over 1,309,573 happy customers.

FAST ACTION BONUS #2 ($199 value): Step by step Facebook Advertising Mastery training , where I guide you from A to Z on how to plan, set up, launch, and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns the right way. 

At the end of this bonus Facebook training, there’ll also be a special case study where I show you exactly how I set up a dead simple campaign to get 500 hot leads for my client in just 5 days.

FAST ACTION BONUS #3 ($199 value): A special collection of 17 versatile “fill in the blanks” Facebook ad templates derived from 17 winning ads by some of the best advertisers on Facebook. So no matter what you’re selling, you can just plug & play and launch high-converting Facebook ads in record time and get more leads and sales predictably.

FAST ACTION BONUS #4 ($199 value): A powerful collection of 39 sales-pulling ecommerce email templates. If you’re running an ecommerce brand or dropshipping business, then these 39 “fill in the blanks” ecommerce follow-up and sales email templates will give you the power to boost your ecommerce sales like never before.

Just plug them into your email autoresponder and you’re ready to go! No more depending solely on paid ads and struggle to break even. It’s time to maximize your ROI and start scaling your ecommerce business!

FAST ACTION BONUS #5 ($99 value): Hands-on click by click walk-through training on how to set up your very own online sales funnel using either a paid software or a free software. 

If you’re new to funnel creation, then this bonus training will show you step by step how to set up everything correctly, even if you have zero technical knowledge right now.

So you have 2 options right now…

Option 1: You can leave this page right now and continue spending a ton of time, energy, and money on a ton of trial and error like most of your competitors…

Option 2: Or you can sign up for this course and learn the hyper-actionable "Model the Winners Method" and start pumping out magnetic ads and sales pages to enjoy more leads and customers predictably.

And let’s be honest here…

If your business and life are exactly the same in six months, would you be ok with that?

If you’re ok with your current sales and the time you’re putting into your business right now, then feel free to skip this.

But if you desire more sales while spending less time and energy in your business, so you can enjoy your life more… then this training will help you to do so.

So go ahead… leave this page now – register now to get instant access to the proven "Model the Winners Method" that could potentially transform your business and your life in months to come.

Buy a ticket to gain access now or click here for quick sign-up

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