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Price Action Class (Webinar)

By Alpha Investors

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September 8, 2019 · 9am - September 8, 2025 · 12pm +08




Hey There!

Yong Yik here! Just like you, I'm a value investor AND I'm a momentum trader. This means that I hold both undervalued stocks and take advantage of any short to medium-term opportunities in the market.

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So what is this about?

This would be a newsletter list for you to subscribe and receive news, updates and more about stocks I'm looking at or already entered into!

Furthermore, I'm looking to share with you guys a complete Price Action Course that would really improve your investing decisions by 10x!

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Because I want you to know that I'm right here by your side at every step of the way in this investment journey! The only way for us retail investors to beat the market is to unite together and help each other improve every day!

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