Reimagine Digital: Unlocking the Power of Data for Organisation Anywhere

Reimagine Digital: Unlocking the Power of Data for Organisation Anywhere

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Sheraton Towers Singapore

39 Scotts Road

Singapore, 228230


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Singapore Standard Time 8:30 AM-11:00 AM (GMT+08:00)

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Maximising the true potential of your data in a distributed data ecosystem where data protection is critical.

In the digital age, data offers the power to serve citizens and clients. Organisations whose mandate is to enable the lives of their stakeholders, in small and large ways, have access to a tremendous amount of data.

The public sector and financial services alike have made it their mission to serve citizens and clients by evolving and designing better policies that allow the integrated use of digital technologies and executing insights-driven decisions and processes on time supported by data and automation.

Data becomes a more precious commodity in this landscape as organisations continue to accelerate their digital services.

Yet, the public sector and financial services struggle to unlock the value of their data and often grapple with the challenges of integrating data: high costs, replicated data in multiple locations and legacy systems, with little or no interoperability and access to real-time data resulting in a lack of single source of truth.

Organisations have spread their enterprise data across both on-premises and multiple cloud sources, each supporting different operational areas. To fetch data from multiple sources, organisations then need to copy data into new physical locations, costing crucial resources and time.

These challenges undermine the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations as they become data-rich but insight-poor.

Organisations cannot afford to rely on yesterday’s approaches to solve tomorrow’s problems - they need to change tyres while the truck is still moving. This means that modern data integration and data management solutions for multiple locations are necessary while ensuring data sovereignty.

Having a robust data integration strategy in place will help organisations better harness the power of data and achieve their mission.

Organisations must redeploy investment in a way that allows them to develop an interoperable and connected data landscape, in which data collected by any users are available where needed, where security and privacy are safeguarded, and where adequate measures (legal, technical, and organisational) prevent misuse of data.

The key to this data landscape is a Data Fabric which allows secure and governed sharing of data while still providing an organisational level of control over what data is shared and with whom.

This then raises several vital issues and the role of a Data Fabric as to how an organisation can:

  • Ensure the entire data ecosystem is accessed on-demand without replication
  • Maintain security while sharing data across agencies
  • Deliver data in any format in real-time and keep the costs down

OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive OpenGov Breakfast Insight that will provide the latest information on employing modern data integration strategies, while enjoying cost savings and operational efficiencies. This is a closed-door, invitation-only, interactive session with top public sector and financial leaders from Singapore.

OpenGov Breakfast Insights are concise, to-the-point, strategic-level discussions designed to bring learning to the highest level! The unique proposition of an OpenGov Asia Breakfast Insight is the integration of cutting-edge insights from our expert speakers and interactive discussion among the participants.

We will be discussing:

  • Applying full data integration to provide exceptional self-services to stakeholders
  • Executing data queries quickly to make decisions for better outcomes
  • Securing data transfer for inter-agencies access
  • Accessing faster, smarter data to better respond to meet the changing developments
  • Embracing agility to maximise efficiencies with cost optimisation
  • Implementing a comprehensive, economical digital transformation

Who should attend:

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Heads of Data and Analytics
  • Heads of Data Strategy
  • Heads of Data Integration
  • Heads of Data Transformation
  • Heads of Data Architecture
  • Heads of Data and AI
  • Heads of IT

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