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Say Yes to Abundance! (How to turn setbacks into comebacks)

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Synergy Hub (@ TradingPLC)

45 Middle Road, #06-00

(5 min walk from Bugis MRT)

Singapore, 188954


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"I don't have enough time!"

"I don't have enough money!"

These are the usual complaints we hear from our friends and family (maybe even from our own mouths).

Look around you and you see some exceptional people who DO have enough time and money.

They seem to be living in abundance, and some are even giving in abundance.

What can we learn from them?

Drawing from their own past failures and setbacks, Life Coach Eugene Seah and Motivational Speaker Oh Boon Keng will share their stories and their journey of overcoming their setbacks to live an abundant life. They will also share the Abundance Formula that will transform your life (if you allow it to).

By applying the Abundance Formula, you will start to live abundantly, and also give abundantly.

The fee for this workshop is only $58, where you will receive one of Wesley Wee’s book, Finding Happiness Against The Odds, to support Wesley who has cerebral palsy. $40 of the fees goes to charity while $18 goes to covering the costs of food and venue.

There is also the $108 option including the above plus a coaching session with either Mike Li or Eugene Seah.

About Motivational Speaker, Oh Boon Keng:

Boon Keng is an NUS Social Work graduate who is a little different from the rest. He has Muscular Dystrophy, which is a genetic condition that causes the body's muscles to gradually weaken and waste off. Despite the limitations arising from his disability, Boon Keng still strives to lead a fulfilling life and contribute meaningfully to the society.

Boon Keng is a motivational speaker with Glow In The Dark, sharing his story on overcoming societal expectations and norms to lead a happier and more meaningful life.

He derives his life philosophy from George Bernard Shaw’s quote, "You see things; and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'"

What other say about Boon Keng:

Boon Keng’s personal narratives have demonstrated the values of hope and resilience. His authenticity is not just inspirational but has provided his audience with much emotional resource to take on collective action. I look forward to learning from him as he shares more about how he faced the uncertain, unknown and unexpected. - Tang Wei Guo

Boon Keng has a really positive attitude towards life despite his circumstances and his stories help us look at things in fresh perspectives. He is especially introspective and honest about his emotions, provoking us to reflect deeper on our own lives. Thanks for being such an inspiration! - Jared Sia

About Life & Career Coach and Financial Advisor Mike Li:

Mike Li was just another mediocre civil servant for close to a decade. Cruising through life without anything to shout about. His life had been one which was "

His life had been one which was "direction-less", always following in the footsteps of others. He went wherever other said would be good without having his own opinion. He was a frog in a well who didn't know anything beyond the four walls of his office.

He was a frog in a well who didn't know anything beyond the four walls of his office.

However, it all changed when a switch within him flicked and made him think about his career.

He attempted to move into the finance sector in 2013 as a cocky young man, still pursuing a part-time degree. He was met with the harsh reality that nobody wanted him and he had already tendered his resignation. For all his mediocre life, he had never been jobless before.

He had to make the embarrassing move to go back to his boss to request to withdraw his resignation. From then, he worked extra hard to prove himself and dedicated himself to honing a new found mission is helping others in their career planning while still working full time.

He successfully made 2 career switches and has helped several discovered their true calling since.

About Abundance Life Coach and Financial Advisor Eugene Seah:

For most of his life, Eugene had a smooth and easy life. He scored well in school, won the prestigious SGX scholarship, and was promoted regularly at his job. At his peak, he was an expat in Hong Kong, managing a cross-regional team for an international bank.

Then in December 2013, everything came crashing down like a house of cards.

He was retrenched from the high paying job and had to relocate his wife and 3 kids back to Singapore.

For the next 9 months, he searched in vain for a job, and his savings quickly depleted. He had no choice but to borrow money from his brother to pay his bills.

It was at this dark valley that he discovered his life's calling.

For the next 3 plus years, he carved out a new career helping others to transform their mindset, learn new skills, and manage their finances.

As life coaches, Eugene and Mike started living in abundance and also giving in abundance.

Their life mission is to help friends like Wesley Wee and Boon Keng achieve their dreams, and founded the Club of Abundance to achieve this.

They now invite you to join his Club of Abundance, so that you too can live and give in Abundance.

Read the testimonials below to get a sense of what you will experience during the workshop.

"I'm very grateful first to God for His faithfulness and second to Eugene and his friends for helping me to achieve my dream of publishing my own autobiography and earning more income than I've ever imagined! He truly has a spirit of Abundance!" - Wesley Wee, author, "Finding Happiness Against the Odds"

"A few months ago, I find myself in another career crisis. I made another transition after a failed career endeavor. Plagued with the labels of inexperienced and of course, "millennial" , it was not a smooth-sailing journey as I tried so many different ways to land myself a job; met up with so many career coaches but none seemed to be a good fit to help me achieve my career goals. The job search was taking longer than I expected so I decided to place my one last bet on another career coach. Mike was different from the previous career coaches I met as he listened carefully to my journey in job search and understood my story. He showed me ways I can improve on which other coaches had not done and shortly after, I landed in a job which was fully aligned to my career goals." - Tristan Foo, L&D professional

"I just want to give a shout-out to Mike. I couldn't be more grateful to have approached you for career advices. The counsel given was not only relevant and practical, they too, allowed me to realize my blindspots and are thought-provoking. You are such an inspiring figure. Most importantly, your heart for people is gold!" - Isabelle Wong, facilities management

"I just got married and there are so many things to plan! It's easy to neglect the financial aspects of marriage and I'm very glad to be coached by Eugene on this. He taught me how to set financial goals and what tools to use to achieve those goals. He also goes beyond finance to coach us on our marriage and business too. Thanks, Eugene!" - Helen Goh, finance and accounts

"I have many friends who are financial consultants but no one does it like Eugene. He organises many fun and unique events for his clients, including luxury yacht trips, movie experiences, durian parties, business networking, inspirational talks and community outreach. What he's doing is beyond financial planning, it's life coaching based on the spirit of Abundance." - Daniel Chew, IT professional

"I enjoy talking to Eugene. I learn a lot from him about many aspects of life, including financial, spiritual, family and even dating. So far my school has never taught me these lessons and I'm glad to be able to learn them from Eugene. He's very approachable and I can ask him any questions I have." Ang Ching Yang, pilot trainee

"Eugene is my mentor and coach for the past 2 years. He taught me how to communicate more effectively, improve my personal branding, and also how to protect myself financially. He enables me to experience abundance by introducing me to Wesley and SG100 Foundation. I highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for a life and financial coach." - Leong Hanwai, Speaker Strategist

"Eugene is not only my financial advisor, he's also my trusted friend, and helps me with retirement planning, and at the same time give my son a financial advantage. As a popular speaker and coach, he also creates unique and inspirational networking opportunities to bring like-minded people together for greater synergies. If you're looking for a holistic financial coach who can advise you on finances, family, and future-ready skills, I would not hesitate to recommend him." - Kenny Lew, career coach

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Synergy Hub (@ TradingPLC)

45 Middle Road, #06-00

(5 min walk from Bugis MRT)

Singapore, 188954


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