Self-directed Life Community Connect (Public)

Self-directed Life Community Connect (Public)

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Post our speaker session about igniting passions, let's drill down how it would look like on a day-to-day basis.

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​Sept 10 (Sat)

Post our speaker session about igniting passions, let's drill down how it would look like on a day-to-day basis.

Educating our next generation is tough, but the journey does not have to be alone. Join us in our monthly one-hour community connect sessions. Talk about anything self-directed education, homeschooling, alternative schooling, or parenting in general. We will listen to you! 🌈👐

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Hear what others say....

Hi Sheryl, I enjoyed the session. I was curious to meet others in the community and was grateful for the sharing, to know that I’m not alone and to get practical tips on how to manage my own challenges. As moms, we tend to be hard on ourselves and I wanted so much to help where I can by sharing and encouraging others. - Kristy

Having a community of people going through the same things and knowing you are not alone is deeply encouraging. Sheryl's session jolted me back into the moment and into the big picture to give me practical action to take immediately. - Adila

Past Sessions

​April 24th - Share your wins

May 14th - Self-care one moment at a time

​This month's community call would be 15th May sat 9am to 10am. We'll be focusing on self-care since this month is Mother's day. We're not talking about the type of self-care that you go for spa day or an off day - we know you've got that. We're talking about the type of self-care that you give yourself when you cannot move very far away, or you cannot leave for very long. What is your self-care at that very moment?

Post call thoughts:

Jun 19th (Sun) - Dealing with the naysayers and the yeah butters

This child-led, self-directed, interest-based education journey & mindful, conscious, gentle parenting is not easy. But what's worse is the naysayers, and the yeah butters-type (yeah, but...) people and conversations that probably get you down even more. How would you deal with them? Or convince yourself that you're on the right path?

​Post call thoughts: 4 come back lines to use when receiving a criticism

Jul 16 (Sat)

​In this upcoming session of Community Connect, we'll discuss how to make literacy more visible. Literacy and pre-literacy is happening all around our children. We don't necessary need to stress our children to handwrite pages of work. We could use their interest to bring our their literacy and writing ability. I'd love for you to join and share how you do it - it's our collective wisdom that grows us all!

​Peter Gray says that in our current day and age, especially with the Internet, it's almost impossible for any child not to be literate. In another conversation with a friend, she highlighted that handwriting is almost obsolete because we type, and now voice-type everything. And there's grammarly and such gears to keep our language in check. So true!

​Aug 14 (Sun)

This session we are discussing catastrophising. "Catastrophizing is a way of thinking called a ‘cognitive distortion.’ A person who catastrophizes usually sees an unfavorable outcome to an event and then decides that if this outcome does happen, the results will be a disaster."