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Simei: 正念基础课程 - Oct 3-24 (Wed)

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Brahm Centre @ Simei

Blk 227, Simei St 4, #01-50

Singapore, 520227


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Simei: 正念基础课程 - Oct 3-24 (Wed)

(符合条件的乐龄人士*将享有NSA津贴, 这也是一项 “技能创前程” SkillsFuture^ 获准课程 )
(^SkillsFuture Credit can be applied and *Seniors enjoy a National Silver Academy subsidy)

课程日期:10月 3日, 10日, 17日, 24(星期三)


在这四堂课中,学员将学习如何运用正念的技巧应对生活中的压力和负面影响,并达到协调的身心与平衡的心灵。 你也会学习如何充分的活在当下、更积极的对待人生。


  • 减低焦虑,忧郁,烦躁与压力

  • 增进慈悲与同情心

  • 改善睡眠的素质

  • 提高心脏功能

  • 减轻慢性疼痛


  • 当心感到困扰时,静观能让自己平静下来。

  • 能保持集中力,更好地控制自己的情绪。

  • 静观练习能稳定漂游不休的思绪与舒緩压力。

  • 领悟到以前的自己在面对问题时所产生的负面情绪是不必要的,可以冷静地从不同的角度解决问题。


我会鼓励他们马上报名参加静观课程, 不然名额 满了, 后悔不及。“
”希望大家都学习愉快, 学以至用 。“


- 如您想使用您的 SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) 请先在我中心的Eventbrite 网页报名及支付订金。您能将报名后所收到的Eventbrite收据上载到SFC的网页,作您的补助金申请。我中心在收到SFC汇款后将会把您成功申请的数额直接转入您的信用卡户口,或开支票付还给您。

Registration Process:
- If you wish to use your SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) towards this course, please first register and pay a deposit online on Brahm Centre’s Eventbrite page. You will receive an Eventbrite Order Confirmation PDF, which you can then use to upload on the SFC website to make your claim submission. Your course deposit will be returned to your credit card (online payment) or by cheque (cash/nets payment) when Brahm Centre receives the funds from SFC, subject to the amount successfully claimed.
- You should expect to receive your refund by the 3rd week from the course start date.

^使用SkillsFuture 补助金

-请使用您的Singpass到SkillsFuture网页http://www.skillsfuture.sg/credit申请使用补助金,并上载报名后所得到的 Eventbrite 收据。(您必须在开课前60天至开课当天作出您的申请)


- 如想使用SkillsFuture补助金,您有责任在SkillsFuture规定的合格时间范围内上网做申请。

^ SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) Use:

- Log in to the SkillsFuture website http://www.skillsfuture.sg/credit to submit your claim using your Singpass, and upload the Eventbrite Order Confirmation PDF as supporting document. You may submit your claim up to 60 days before start of course till day of course commencement.

- A step-by-step guide for your SFC claim: http://www.skillsfuture.sg/-/media/Initiatives/Files/SFC_UserGuide.pdf

- You are responsible for making your claim submission within the eligible time frame stipulated by SkillsFuture.

- For more help on making SFC claim:
• Please call the SkillsFuture Hotline: +65 6785 5785
• Or get help in person at the following Career Connect Centres:
@ Paya Lebar: 11 Eunos Road 8, #02-02 Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore 408601
@ Tampines: 1 Tampines Walk, #01-21 Tampines Hub Public Service Centre, Singapore 528523
@ Woodlands: 900 South Woodlands Drive, #04-07 Woodlands Civic Centre, Singapore 730900

Career Connect Centres Operating Hours:
Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturdays: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

*乐龄学苑 National Silver Academy (NSA) 津贴条件:
- 50岁或以上的新加坡公民/永久居民。

- 每人每历年里只能在每个机构使用津贴最多三次。

- 请在上第一堂课当天携带与呈交您的身份证复印本(/)

- 上第一堂课当天提前30分钟到本中心完成报名手续。

- 同意和签署C3A规定的 “Use of personal data” 同意书。

- 不符合以上条件者之前所缴交的学费将恕不退还,而且还必须缴交剩余的数额。

* National Silver Academy (NSA) subsidy
- The NSA subsidy is for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents aged 50 and above.
- Each senior is eligible to receive subsidies for no more than three short courses per institution per calendar year.
- Arrive 30 minutes before class starts to complete the application process.
- Submit a front and back photocopy of your NRIC.
- Sign the form for consent of use of personal data by C3A and relevant partners.
- Participants who do not fulfill the above criteria will not be eligible for NSA funding and will be required to pay the course fee in full; no refunds will be provided.

Please Note 请注意:

- Brahm Centre allows for make-up classes - an admin fee of $10 applies
- Switching course dates: $30 plus any fee difference
如有需要,百仁中心将允许补课或调班:收费为$10 $30

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Date and Time


Brahm Centre @ Simei

Blk 227, Simei St 4, #01-50

Singapore, 520227


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