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Super Student Brain Mastery Seminar 2017 by Eran Katz

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Urban Mangrove

231 Mountbatten Road

Singapore, 397999


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Refund Policy

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Super Student Brain Mastery Seminar conducted by Super Brain Master Eran Katz

- Date: Sat 18 Nov 2017
- Time #1: 9am to 1pm for parents and their P1 to P4 children
- Time #2: 2pm to 6pm for parents and their P4 to P6 children
- Venue: Urban Mangrove at 231 Mountbatten Road S397999 (Next to Mountbatten MRT)

Would you consider early brain development to be an important part of your child’s growth and nurture? If your answer is “Yes”, you should consider Super Student Brain Mastery Seminar conducted by Eran Katz. You and your child would want to learn from the Super Brain Master who is an international best selling author of 9 books (and they were translated in 17 languages) that also holds the Guinness Book of Records title for Best Memory Stunt.

Conducted in a fun and engaging manner, these 2 x half-day seminar packs a whole lot of learning and experience that will not only benefit your child in school, but also in life.

We know with certainty that you are committed to support your child to lead a fulfilled and happy life… in school and in life. Right now, with your child progressing from pre-school to primary school, or from lower primary to upper primary level, you are highly concerned that your child be equipped to sail through the exciting, yet challenging education journey and emerge in triumph.

Train Your Child’s Brain From Young –

More Than 1 Million New Neural Connections Form Every Second In the First Few Years

We totally understand your concerns, your anxiety and your constant search for solutions that can aid your child to lead a happy and fun-filled school life. Brain development is one gift you can give to your child, and indeed it will absolutely last forever. This is why scientists advocate parents to start nurturing their children from birth as more than 1 million new neural connections form every second in the first few years of life (Ref: Harvard University). The speed of information, absorption and retention also accelerates between 4 and 7 years old. Essentially, the basic architecture of the brain is constructed through a process that begins early in life and continues into adulthood.

One question we often get asked is this:” Can you really make my child more intelligent in one seminar?”. Well, we certainly can show you how you, and your child, can increase your brain capacity. When you can do that, all the rest comes easy. Let us illustrate this with a simple analogy: If we attempt to pour a jug of water into a cup, the water will overflow. The cup is too small to hold the volume of water which the jug contains. Yet, a large basin can easily hold all the water from the jug easily. It is the same for your brain, and your child’s brain. When we train your child’s brain with tested and proven whole brain techniques, your child’s brain capacity will certainly and absolutely ne expanded. The seminar is just a start, not the end of a brain development journey.

What We Teach Helps To:

  • Foster Longer Focus and Concentration Span
  • Increase Ability & Capacity to Absorb, Retain and Recall information
  • Forms Connection Between Ideas
  • Improved Ability to be Creative yet Analytical
  • Read better and faster

Whole Brain Training is Much More Balanced and Complete

This seminar focuses on both the Left Brain and the Right Brain development. We believe a whole brain approach will provide us with a balanced outlook in life. It’s just like our eyes, ears, hands, legs, lungs and kidneys, we function optimally because both are working fine, right?

The Right Brain (the right hemisphere of the cerebral cortex) is responsible for control of the left side of the body, and is the more artistic and creative side of the brain. The Left Brain is responsible for control of the right side of the body, and is the more academic and logical side of the brain. While there are two sides to the brain, it is, in essence, a single organ. This is why it is important to train both the Left and Right Brain with equal intensity.

We can maximise the power of our brains when we can fully synchronise and activate the whole brain. This ensures that not only will students have the skills to perform better, they will have the right attitudes and the right exercises to improve creativity, innovation, and problem solving.

Why You & Your Child Must Attend Together

1. By being present, you are showing your child a few things: He/She is important and you are there for him/her and ever supportive of his/her academic excellence, and that this seminar is important. Your presence will compel your child to be more appreciative of you and the lessons that he/she will be receiving.

2. You are able reinforce or give reminder of what he/she had learned once you are at home, and you know with certainty that you are doing the reinforcement correctly. Even if your child has the discipline and tenacity to practice what he/she has learned, a reminder here and a compliment there when he/she deserves it would propel your child to progress happier if not faster.

3. You would want to be sure that your child learn from the right brain development master, yes?. Every brain development school is good, yet is the curriculum or are the teachers a good fit to your child? When you have a first hand experience, you would have the certainty if you should train your child’s brain further – whether on your own or with us.

4. Eran understood the frustration of studying and yet not getting the desired result. His teacher deemed him as a “Cannot-Make-It” kid. A determined Eran decided to learn, on his own, how to develop a stronger brain power and expanded his brain capacity so much that learning and studying become a joy. He was only 8 years old. A year earler, at age 7, he wrote that he intended to “make book” when he is old. Eran is the living proof that his methodology and techniques work, and he lives his dream as a international best selling author now. You may use Eran as an example to inspire and motivate your child. With your child seeing Eran LIVE, he/she will know from his/her experience that you are telling the truth.

5. You set a good example that learning is a lifelong practice, and when you encourage him to work hard, you are not merely nagging, you really believe that the only way to a better future is to keep learning.

Introducing Eran Katz
Very briefly, Eran Katz is a best-selling international author, entertaining speaker and uniquely qualified master on Intelligence and Memory. He is instrumental in the creation of the Brain Mastery Seminar and Programs.

Best Selling International Author
Eran Katz is the best-selling international author of “Secrets of a Super Memory”, “Jerome Becomes a Genius”, “Where did Noah Park the Ark” and “Five Gifts for the Mind”. In Singapore, “Where did Noah Park the Ark” was also listed in the best-selling non-fiction list in Kinokuniya, Times and Popular when it was launched in 2011. The ‘Five Gifts for the Mind’, published in 2014 was the number #1 on the Israeli best sellers list and official best seller in South Korea. His books, including 9 international best-sellers, have sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide; translated to 17 languages and won literary prizes. The Singapore National Library also carries Eran’s “Where did Noah Park the Ark” . His latest book was presented to Royal Crown Princess of Thailand in June 2017 when Eran last visited the country

Guinness Book of Records Holder
On top of that, he is also the Israeli Guinness Book of Records Holder for Best Memory Stunt where he recited 500 numbers forward and backwards after hearing them only once. This is one impressive technique that not many memory masters can challenge Eran.

Recognized Authority in Brain & Intelligence
Eran is a board member of The International Brain Education Association (IBREA) and is often invited to share his insights on brain and intelligence at conferences and seminars. This is why many governments have invited Eran to speak to their police, military and intelligence bodies.

International Trainer and Platform Speaker
Eran Katz has also established himself in training where he has held more than 2000 lectures with more than 250,000 people benefiting from his teaching. Other than students in the junior and high schools, he also speaks at The Korean Brain Institute, United Nations Brain Education Convention, Microsoft, General Electric, Coca-Cola, Avis, Singapore Government, NTUC, and many more.

What Your Child Will Gain from Whole Brain Development:

We stimulate, enhance and develop pre-schoolers and primary school students in these areas:

  • Creative Thinking

  • Analytical and Logical Thinking

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Information Absorption

  • Memory Retention and Recall

  • Learning Speed

  • Reading Speed

  • Precision and Clarity in Verbal Expression

  • Spatial Awareness

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Self Confidence

  • Social & Interpersonal Skill


1. How many sessions available?

There are 2 sessions on Sat 18 Nov 2017:
a) Morning session (9am to 1pm) are best for both parents and students from Primary 1 to 4.
b) After session (2pm to 6pm) are best for both parents and students from Primary 1 to 6.
We encourage parents to attend with their children

2. Are there minimum age requirements to enter the event?

If you intend to bring your K1 or K2 child for the event, we would advise you to attend together with him/her in the morning session from 9am to 1pm on Sat 18 Nov 2017

3. Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes. Please bring your printed tickets to the event

4. Is my ticket transferrable?

To transfer, please write to seminar@brainxpansion.com with the registered name and the new attendee.

5. Do I have to bring anything to the seminar?

You may consider bring your own water bottle, warm jacket and note pad to write down notes.

6. Are there any breaks in the seminar

There is one short-break of 10 minutes.

7. Will my child be able to sit through the entire session

Yes. We have been conducting such half day seminar to children from 7 years old. Eran Katz is an experienced trainer, he will engage the children to keep them attentive yet relax throughout the seminar.

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Date and Time


Urban Mangrove

231 Mountbatten Road

Singapore, 397999


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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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