Telematics Mexico &Latin America Summit 2020

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Sofitel Mexico City Reforma

297 Avenida Paseo de la Reforma

Ciudad de México, MEX 06500


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20+Knowledgable Presentation + 200 Senior Attendees , 10 booth showcasing , the largest telematics event in Mexico &Latin America

About this Event

Depending on the successful event organized in Indonesia, Thailand , Singapore and Malaysia ,TAS2020 (115 register) in Kuala Lumpur, TTS2019 (145 register) in Jakarta, TAS2019 ( 172 registers)in Bangkok ,CCSMA2018 ( 167 registers) in Singapore and TAS2017 ( 188 registers) in Bangkok, we are plan the telematics event TML2020 which service the Mexico &Latin America transportation market!

Bringing together industry insiders, policymakers and leading automakers, Telematics Mexico &Latin America Summit 2020 is the leading platform for discussion in Fleet Management, Smart Mobility,Telematics Insurance. We invite the Mexico &Latin America's oil&gas,Telematics Sulution Provider, IOT/M2M, logistic& Supply chain, delivery,public transport, fleet operator, mining &construction, Insurance, taxi operator, car-sharing company, ADAS,telecom, OEM,OBD to discuss the critical tech and business trends, as well as key policy considerations are up for debate at this crucial time in the Mexico city.

Previously Key players' participation:

Mazda Corporation Toyota Daihatsu DHL Supply Chain Sumitomo

Robert Bosch BMW Suzuki Motor Corporation Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific (PTE)

ERM Advanced Telematics RUPTELA MiX Telematics Grab

Continental TomTom Telematics OCTO Astrata Group

DENSO Howen Technologies Queclink Wireless Solutions Teltonika

Pointer Telocation AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Ltd HERE technologies Cartrack

Scope Technology GreenMobility A/S AXA Insurance Mitsubishi Corporation

Telematics Mexico &Latin America Summit 2020

May 26-27th, 2020

DAY ONE Tuesday, May 26th ,2020. Mexico City

8:00-9:20 Morning Refreshment and Registration

09:20-09:30 Opening Remarks from the Chairman

09:30-10:00 General picture of the Connectivity of transportation from Global to LATAM

* Global Connected Vehicles introduction and the update in LATAM - Driven by Mexico 's heavy traffic

* The major obstacle ahead of Mexico's deployment of telematics and connectivity in land transport

* How the Fleet Management System , TSP operate in LATAM market , DO and DONT

---- Rina Quijada, Ph.D. Vice President Latin American Business Development, IHS Markit

10:00-10:30 Government's role in Mexico's auto-transportation sector, the regulatory and legislation plan

* How Mexico government regulate on the land transportation, automotive industry

* The introduction of OEMs operation in Guanajuato state and investment promotion

* Mexico's Intelligent transportation & Smart city plan

---- Senior officer, Mexico Communication and Transportation Ministry

10:30-11:00 Telematics in Mexico: Where we are Heading

*Mexico's auto industry background releasing

*Analyzing potential opportunities and challenges that Telematics application in Mexico

* LATAM's opportunity on the connectivity and telematcis deployment

---- Mr. Eduardo Solis, Excutive President, Asociación Mexicana de la Industria Automotriz A.C. (AMIA)


11:00-11:30 Networking & Refreshment


11:30-12:00 Automaker's perspective : the roadmap to connected car, electrical vehicle in LATAM

*The brief introduction of the MAN 's operation in LATAM

*How logistics / supply chain biz and new trade agreement USMCA influence heavy vehicle's sales in Mexico

* MAN ’s plan to promote hybrid and EV bus in LATAM

-----Mr.Leandro Radomile, MD of MAN TRUCKS & BUS Mexico

12:00-13:00 Panel Discussion A: Government, OEM, Telematcis Solution providers' perspective on the Telematics and Connected car deployment in LATAM

* How the intelligent transport system development in Mexico

* Telematics solution provider , municipal , transport operator , OEM cooperate together ?

* Smarter Fleet and Risks Management with Telematics

Moderator : Mr.David LEE , Event Production Director ,EVENTECS,

Panelist 1: Mr. Eduardo Solis, Excutive President,The Mexican Association for the Automotive Industry (AMIA)

Panelist 2: Mr.Leandro Radomile, MD of MAN TRUCKS & BUS Mexico

Panelist 3 : Mr. Armando Cortes , Executive Director for Industrial Development at Premexico

Panelist 4: TBA


13:00-14:30 Networking Luncheon


14:30-15:00Electric Vehicle and Autonomous Driving Outlook in LATAM

* The Latest Electric Vehicle and Automated Driving Technology

* Understanding the Market Trends of Autonomous and Electric Vehicles for LATAM

* Challenges & Solutions of ADAS deployment in LATAM

---- Mr. Oliver Rosenthal, Head of BMWi Mexico LATAM, BMW

15:00-15:30Telematics technology in practice in LATAM

* FMS unveil benefits and results : driver behaviour, theft controls, and cost savings

* How telematics and connectivity can serve your strategy with the best practices of a fleet customer

* Monitoring Driver Behavior, Premium Discount, Data Analysis & Monetization, Connected Claim

---- Reserve for sponsor


15:30-16:00 Networking & Refreshment


16:00-16:30 How the telematics contribute to the transport in Mexico

*Connected ITS for Fleet Management & Logistics Optimization

*Fleet Tracking & Tracing of vehicle , Telematics in Transport Operation

*How the telematics help oil gas delivery fleet, logistics , mining & construction operator saving the operation cost and improve the efficiency.

---- Reserve for sponsor

16:30-17:00 UBI, Insurance telematics inside the Fleet

*What can be done to support UBI scalability of of products and services?

*Will tracking or remote car control can help boost the growth of UBI ?

*Better claims analysis, How to monetize the data from the cooperation between telematics solutions ,insurers and Policy holder

---- Allianz Technology SE

17:00-18:00 Panel Discussion 2: Telematics Practices players' perspective on LATAM's operation

* UBI, telematics insurance, How to make sure the Pricing & Profitability: The BIG Challenges?

* LATAM's Fleet manager's aspirations : How the Regulation body , infrastructure support the new biz model

* How the logistics , supply chain can benefits from the data , new era's oil gas energy

Moderator : Scott J. McCormick, President Connected Vehicle Trade Association

Panelist 1: Mr.Hugo Luis Aguilar, Lead Commercial Fleet Solutions, Shell Mexico

Panelist 2: Juan Moran, Regional Customer manager Auto mobility Industry DHL Customer solution & Innovation

Panelist 3: Mrs. Lorena Isla , LATAM director for Automotive and Transportation (Mobility) , Frost & Sullivan.


18:10-18:20Day one closing remark


18:20-20:30 Wine-Drinking Party

DAY TWO Wednesday, May 27th ,2020. Mexico City

08:00-09:20 Morning Refreshment and Registration

09:20-09:30 Opening Remarks from the Chairman

09:30-10:00Navigation and location/Mapping technology Enhance Vehicle-Infrastructure Communications for Connected vehicle

*Assimilating road’s location/ Mapping technologies to navigate in various conditions

*Cultivating ITS, GPS, mapping and communication systems

*Integrating traffic data into cloud for real time traffic management

----Mapping and location solution provider

10:00-10:30The fleet management's perspective : car networking technology development and the integration of infrastructure and smart cities

* How smart cities and intelligent transportation plan be implement and layout the V2I, V2X technology,

* The government and traffic management monitor , forecast and guide the system with the IOT and Telematics technology

* Intelligent transport practice showcase

---- Mr.Juan Moran, Regional Customer manager Auto mobility Industry DHL Customer solution & Innovation

10:30-11:00 Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)/ Mobility on Demand (MOD), would possible in Mexico?

* Car Sharing, Bicycle Sharing & Ride Sharing, Shared Mobility introduction

* Mobility Management, shared mobility practice case study in Kuala Lumpur

* Creating sustainable mobility through electric free float car sharing

---- Didi Chuxing, Mexico


11:00-11:10 Participant Gathering , BIG -FAMILY Photo taking


11:10-11:30 Networking & Refreshment


11:30-12:00 Telecommunication's role in mobility Transformation– the journey to digital

*How the tele infrastructure support the mobility Transformation from 3G to 5G

*The digitalization process of the transportation integration

*Digital is the new normal, Transformation in mobility

----Mrs. Enrique Martínez Herrera, Director operation and maintenance , Telcel Mexico

12:00-12:30 Electricity mobility & EV Charging Infrastructure deployment in Southeast LATAM

*What's the challenge ahead of the EV spreading, how the government, industry players and public citizen cooperated together ?

* Mexico's electricity vehicle and electricity-motorbike's plan

* How the Infrastructure like the charging pile's installation match the EV development

----Mr. Flavio Rivera, CEO - Daimler Commercial Vehicles Mexico


12:30-14:00 Networking Luncheon


14:00-14:305G, M2M ,IoT Revolution , Blockchain in Fleet Management

*Advantages for Block chain technology in connected car automotive

*Identifies IoT data sources, IoT solution powers advanced M2M logistics applications and fleet management

*How the IOT Revolution contribute to the 3rd largest Commercial vehicles market from LATAM.

---- Reserve for sponsor

14:30-15:00 Cyber Security in automotive transport – Whose Responsibility?

* Defending Against Cyber Attacks, Critical Cyber Security Threats & Beyond

* Evaluation of Intrusion Detection

* Data-driven mobility: a perspective on future paradigms

----- FireEye

15:00-15:30 Safety Today, For the autonomous Tomorrow

*Autonomous Driving and ADAS update

*Grabbing the potentials of the wearable Robot, Natural Language Processing

*Data-driven mobility: a perspective on future paradigms

----Mr. Ernesto Pesochinsky, Director Latin America, Mobileye, an Intel company


15:30-16:00 Networking & Refreshment


16:00-16:30 How to match the real demand from Mexico ? cost Embedded system , OBD and Smartphone Mirror-link , Smartphone Integration but with high quality

* How the Automaker to meet the LATAM client needs?

* OBD, Dongle, trackers providers international strategy but local execution in Mexico

* How the Embedded system influence the In-Vehicle Infotainment

---- Reserve for sponsor

16:30-17:00 Sustainable Traffic Management in LATAM

* Digital Infrastructure & Integrated Transport Systems

* Public Transport Network Planning & Scheduling

* Future Transport Systems

--- Mr. Yeswant Abhimanyu, LatAm Research Manager (Automotive & Transportation), Frost & Sullivan

17:00-17:30 Hardware and Telematics devices manufacturers' perspective on the Telematics available

* Advanced radar, sensor, semiconductor and cameras deployed in the vehicle for Environmental Perception

* How the telecom ensure the seamless data connection, 5G, LTE, DSRC introduction

* On-board computer, Infotainment 's plan in developing market

----The semiconductor / Telco/ sensor provider

17:30-17:40 Closing Remark from the Chairman

For more information : or contact the committee +86 21 5047 9533

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Date and Time


Sofitel Mexico City Reforma

297 Avenida Paseo de la Reforma

Ciudad de México, MEX 06500


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