Temple Meditation Retreat 2021

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27 Jln Senyum

27 Jalan Senyum

Singapore, 418151


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Join us for a 5-day Silent Retreat to meditate into emptiness and practice the art of mindfulness with our growing global community.

About this Event


To set everything aside, retreat from the world, break free from habitual energies, enter into Noble Silence, and reemerge with greater peace, grounded presence, clarity, happiness and wisdom.

Spend 5 peaceful days at a Temple-stay retreat - a tranquil sanctuary tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life.. Entering a retreat is a wonderful doorway into understanding yourself and experiencing the deep, peaceful stillness within.

Turn your mind inwards, develop insights to awaken to your true nature, and learn how to live every moment deeply by weaving mindfulness and compassion into your daily life.


Experience the mind of emptiness, awaken to your true nature and open your heart to discover the true relationship between you and the world. All here within Singapore in a rare temple retreat!

Join us for 5 days of silent meditation, chanting sessions with the Abbot, wisdom teachings (also known as Dharma talks), 1-1 meetings with the Teacher for personalized guidance, and me-time for relaxing in the tranquil setting of the temple.

We will be practising Zen and Insight Meditation (samatha-vipassana), an ancient practice stemming from the Buddha over 2,600 years, which has been proven to be very powerful in transforming the mind and ending mental suffering.

Outside of the meditation mat, we will also learn how to live mindfully by incorporating zen into every moment of life. Thus transforming our preconceived mundane experience of life into a deep enjoyment of living fully in the present moment.

There is no meditation experience necessary for this retreat, and it is open to everyone, regardless of religious background, age, gender identity and expression. All are welcome!


Dhammakamo (DK) is a meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, spiritual mentor, corporate well-being consultant, writer and former buddhist monk for half a decade. DK has travelled extensively to learn from various teachers and traditions to master the pragmatic application of ancient wisdom, having spent most of his time practising in the Thai Forest Tradition and Plum Village Zen Monastery in France. He has also attended multiple retreats in Dharamsala to study with Tibetan masters, having received 1:1 guidance from many tantric masters, notably Denma Locho Rinpoche, State-Oracle Khadro-la and Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

What our previous retreatants have to say about the retreat:

"The time and space in this retreat allowed me to truly experience the essence of what it means to be here and now, in the present moment. I realise now that my intellect experiences are only the surface layer of reality, just as the words we read are mere labels. So much gratitude for the spiritual guidance from the abbot and DK, and the support of the Sangha!" - Siok Khoon

"This retreat gave me the space and silence to meditate deeper. I liked that at the beginning of the retreat, DK asked us to let go of our identities and just be. I enjoyed the Dharma teachings very much, it was a good reminder towards certain things I've applied in my life. DK's quote on the importance to also offer my absence towards people so that they can grow resonated with me a lot. The schedule allowed me to have enough tie to rest and meditate. Learning about the mudra 'compassion over wisdom' is a takeaway that I will work on. Grateful to DK, the cool abbot and the Sangha!" - Chloe Padirac

Retreat Details:

27 - 31 January 2021

Buddhaguna Buddhist Temple @ 27 Jln Senyum, Singapore 418151

Retreat check-in time will be from 5pm onwards on the 27 January 2021. We ask that all participants arrive promptly by 7pm so you have time to settle in before the retreat orientation.

Retreat check-out will be after lunch on 31 Jan 2021, after lunch.

For more information, kindly contact hello@thehermitagezen.com

Investment: $994.23 (Singapore Dollars)

Diamond / Platinum Patrons: $200 discount (Singapore Dollars)

Price includes all meals (veg and non-veg options) and accommodation within the newly-renovated temple.

Keeping in line with Covid Safe Management Measures, we are only able to accommodate up to a maximum of 10 stay-in participants for this retreat.

Accommodation will be in fully-airconditioned rooms (shared occupancy) within the temple building, with separate rooms for both genders. PLEASE READ 'RETREAT GUIDELINES' BELOW.

Part of the proceeds from this retreat will be donated to the temple.


As part of your practice on retreat, we ask you to support the retreat's atmosphere by refraining from sexual activity and drinking alcohol or consuming drugs, and following the 8 precepts. The first 5 of the precepts are ethical and mindfulness trainings that remind us to bring happiness and meaning into everything that we do. You can read the translation By Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

The additional 3 precepts are to:

- refrain from eating after midday (but if you are unwell or very hungry, light snacks and refreshments are allowed.) This is an opportunity to let go of emotional eating.

- refrain from dancing, singing, listening to music, distracting myself from entertainments, wearing garlands, using perfumes, and beautifying the body with cosmetics.

- refrain from lying on a high or luxurious sleeping place.

The last 3 precepts are aspirations undertaken by retreatants worldwide to help reduce worldly distractions and focus their energies into developing their meditation and mindful-wisdom. This also gives us a glimpse into the humble, simple lifestyles of the enlightened sages, whose teachings we are following.


Although mindfulness has been known to lessen anxiety, aid depression and improve general wellbeing, we urge all retreatants to continue any medication or treatment prescribed by your health care practitioner during your stay.

If you suffer from any chronic long term mental or physical illnesses, please let us know, and ask your doctor if it is advisable for you to attend a retreat with us. Please be aware that we cannot provide any professional care. If you have any concerns regarding this matter please ask us for clarification.

Mobile and other communication devices

This retreat is an opportunity for you to unplug from the world and turn your mind inwards to focus on your cultivation and transformation alongside like-minded friends.

Therefore, as part of your compassionate practice to contribute towards the collective energy of the retreat, you will surrender your mobile phone to be kept in a safe during registration. We ask for your support to refrain bringing any other forms of electronic communication devices with you so as to ease the registration process.

When we get closer to the retreat date, you will receive a contact number for you pass to your loved ones which they can contact for emergency purposes.

Packing List

Here's your packing list to help you prepare yourself for the retreat:

- Full-set of white clothes (more details below on why wearing white is beneficial)

- toiletries

- towel

- scarf / shawl (in case the meditation hall gets too cold)

- flashlight (your mobile devices will be kept in a safe upon check-in)

- notebook and pen

- slippers

- meditation seat with backrest (for those with back problems)

Reason for wearing full-white during retreats

1- white symbolises purity

2- everyone donning white creates an atmosphere of harmony by preventing one’s clothing from being distracting to others

3- it creates a sense of balance by helping one to let go of physical beauty and comparison

4- it helps one to cut down on making frivolous decisions about what to wear or how one wishes to look. giving more opportunity to prolong internal stillness and silence, which is the purpose of the retreat

5- in theravadan monasteries and retreat centres, retreatants uphold the 8 precepts and are distinguished by their full-white outfits

6- in most monasteries (not ours), non-retreatants will kneel down to offer food to 8 preceptors as an act of respect and to rejoice because it is seen that the level of one’s holiness is measured by virtuousness. Thus the more precepts one observes, the more pure/holy one is.

7- it is good to keep a full set of white as a personal meditation outfit, for major pujas or future retreats

8- this is the Kor-Wat (rules of the monastery)

We understand that the modern mind may resist such conventions, but we hope that this elucidation serves as an inspiration for you to look forward to experiencing this beautiful tradition and making your retreat memorable.

9- white reminds us of this story from the Buddha’s time:


Venerable Cūḷapanthaka sat down rubbing with his hand the cloth given by the Buddha and muttering:

“Rajo haraṇaṃ, rajo haraṇaṃ——

It is liable to take dirt! It is liable to take dirt!”

When he did the rubbing several times, the threads of the garment began to get dirty. When he repeated the rubbing, the cloth became dirtier like a kitchen-cloth.

As the time came for his wisdom to ripen, the law of extinction and destruction manifested itself in his mind. And he reflected:

”This piece of cloth was originally white and clean. But on account of its association with my body (upādinnaka), it is now full of dirt.

My mind is also like this cloth. It happens like the cloth. The mind, originally pure and clean in its unperturbed state, tends to become soiled on account of its association with such unwholesome concomitant factors as greed, hate, delusion, etc.”

Having thus reflected on his person and heart, he proceeded to strive for mental concentration and gained the four rūpārvacarajhānas.

When he, on the basis of these jhānas, engaged in vipassanāmeditation, he attained arahatship (full enlightenment)

Full story: https://www.wisdomlib.org/buddhism/book/the-great-chronicle-of-buddhas/d/doc364765.html

Sample Retreat Schedule:

4:30am - Morning Bell

5:00am - Meditation

5:30am - Chanting + Meditation

6:30am - Breakfast

8:00am - Karma Yoga

9:00am - Meditation Teachings

10:30am - Meditation (sitting + walking)

12:00pm - Lunch break

2pm - 4:30pm - Personal Practice / 1-on-1 interviews with Teacher

4:00pm - Tea Break

5:30pm - Dharma Sharing

6:30pm - Chanting + Meditation

8:00pm - Q&A, Discourse, or other sangha practices

9:30pm - Return To Room

10:00pm - Lights Out


By registering and booking for this retreat, you:

1- hereby agree to abide by the rules and instructions and will co-operate fully with the organisers. Failing which, you accept that your participation for/ and at the retreat can be prematurely terminated.

2- hereby consent to the collection and use of the above personal data by 'The Hermitage Zen', its authorised representatives or third parties, for the purposes of (a) verifying your identity; (b) responding to, handling, and processing queries, requests, applications, registrations, complaints, and feedback from you; (c) processing payment or credit transactions; (d) stay in contact with you to remain a source of support during your learning journey; (e) keep you updated of future products, services and promotions.

3- hereby agree that you shall not hold the organisers, Buddhaguna Buddhist Temple, or the teacher(s) liable for any loss or damage sustained to body, life and/or property or expenses incurred however caused arising from your voluntary participation in the said event.

4- hereby acknowledge that videos and photos will be taken and used for educational, marketing, commercial and promotional purposes by The Hermitage Zen and its organiser(s).

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Date and Time


27 Jln Senyum

27 Jalan Senyum

Singapore, 418151


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