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The Beauty Edit 2019

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19b Keong Saik Rd.

19b Keong Saik Road

Singapore, 089126


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The Beauty Edit 2019 (@thebeautyeditsg. ) - Empowering You to Inspire Your Best Self

The Beauty Edit is about bringing like-minded individuals and thought leaders in the beauty industry together. We aspire to foster a culture of genuine sharing, creating a safe haven where conversations that matter happens, and our end goal is to nurture a community of empowered women.

This October, we'd like to invite you to join us for an afternoon of education, discussion and inspiration. This is the first ever workshop where you’ll get to hear from 6 panel speakers - women who possess an entrepreneurial spirit; explore top beauty and fashion trends; equip yourself with the skills learnt from 3 different masterclasses on makeup, skincare and fashion styling and walk home with a beauty kit worth >$1000.

What is the experience all about?

You’d first hear from our 6 lovely panel speakers, who are female entrepreneurs and beauty players, engaging in a conversation on “Uncovering the Truths about Beauty”.

We’d then kickstart a series of 3 different masterclass, focused on giving you the best beauty and fashion tips. You’d learn how to achieve a glass skin complexion with Liyann Seet, followed by the essentials of make-up and make-up hacks from Rachel Wee. The final masterclass would teach you how to elevate your overall look with fashion and styling tips by DEMI LUNE.

Lastly, you’d be inspired from various brand owners such as KGLOW Skin Lab, Closet Share, Yacht Cosmo and more, as they share their individual brand stories and what goes on behind the scenes.

There will also be a meet & mingle session where you can enjoy the complimentary photobooth.


2pm - Welcome & Registration
2.30pm - A Conversation on "Uncovering the Truths about Beauty" with 6 panel speakers
3pm - Skincare Perfection Masterclass - Achieving Glass Skin Complexion with Liyann Seet
3.30pm - Make-up Masterclass - Using make-up to enhance your looks with Rachel Wee
4pm - Tea Break
4.15pm - Dress to Kill Masterclass - Exploring the latest fashion trends & style with DEMI LUNE
4.45pm - What's Your Story? - Brand Stories by local Female Entrepreneurs
6pm - Meet & Mingle

When will it be held?

5th October 2019

2pm - 7pm

The White Space

(19B Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089126)

Who are our speakers?

  • Nadia Vega, Actress, Musician and Entrepreneur

Nadia has been working as an actress and performer since the age of 9. She was used to being covered with thick makeup “skincare” regimes and “miracle” beauty treatments on a daily basis. She never questioned what was in them or the impact it might be having on her health or the environment.

While attending university in Australia, she was influenced by her aunt to try a more natural, simple approach to skincare. She was shocked to learn of the many toxic and harmful chemicals used in personal hygiene products and the devastating impact they have on both the health of the planet and herself. Armed with this new knowledge, she found it frustratingly difficult to find true natural and organic products upon her return to Indonesia.

Determined to make a difference, after 5 years of research, experimenting testing, and refining, Nadia was finally able to introduce Vega Organics to the market.

  • Samantha Tay, Aesthetic Doctor

Graduating from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Dr Samantha developed a keen interest in the field of surgery after her stint in Otolaryngology and Breast Surgery. This experience led her to pursue cosmetic medicine, and she has never looked back since.

Now accorded multiple Certificates of Competence in aesthetics procedures, she regularly attends aesthetics conferences and workshops to keep up with the latest anti-ageing medicine. She specialises in skin rejuvenation and botox injections.

Dr Samantha believes in a holistic approach to wellness and beauty, personally enjoying yoga and fitness exercises regularly.

  • Qli Quek, Fashion Designer

Qli is a designer of local brand NANKAI. NANKAI is a family-owned business which specialises in exotic leather handbags. Started in 1971 by her late grandfather, Qli is the third generation running the now 48-years old local company. Being in the industry for almost 7 years, she holds the helm for design and production. Qli also extends her design services to VIP customers whom have special requests for customisation from all around the world - such as the Middle East, Europe, Indonesia, China, and more.

  • Cherie Tan, Financial Entrepreneur

Having spent nearly a decade in the world of software, design, and technology, Cherie took a leap of faith and joined the financial services sector with the goal of protecting lives and having a direct and positive impact on her clients’ day-to-day lives.

She faced many challenges common to women who are new to the entrepreneurial world, and often shares the insights she learnt, and how she overcame them in public speeches.

Cherie is a certified Associate Wealth Planner (AWP) by the independent Financial Planning Association (Singapore) and Mortgage Planner (SAMP). In 2018, she was featured in magazines such as Huffington Post and Reader’s Digest, and previously in Women 2.0 (2017) and Digital Nomad Girls (2017). She has held several workshops and talks on Financial Security for Women, Personal Development, and Personal Branding in the world of Entrepreneurship.

  • Rachel Wee, Skincare and Beauty Professional

Rachel Wee is a Skincare and Beauty professional who ply her trade in one of Singapore’s leading Hair and Beauty empire, Jean Yip Group. Deeply passionate about skincare and makeup, Rachel enjoys sharing beauty content on Instagram. She has amassed a strong support of over 17,000 followers, whom know her for sharing honest makeup review and skincare tips.

Rachel used to work as a pharmacist, which formed the foundation of her knowledge about complex skincare formulations. In her free time, she enjoys reading about the latest fashion trends, travelling tips, and trying out new restaurants.

  • Liyann Seet, Fashion & Beauty Influencer (Moderator)

A Singaporean Investor, Commercial Model, Beauty Queen, Fashion Editor, Fashion and Beauty Influencer and Philanthropist. Liyann began her commercial modeling career at 16 and later represented Singapore in International Beauty Pageants in Asia Pacific and in The United States. She has since won several international beauty pageant titles. Liyann was formerly the fashion editor of Covered Asia and she founded the International Children Foundation which advocates for equal educational opportunities for underprivileged kids. For her corporate career, she has clocked working experience in investment banking, corporate banking and private equity for international banks as well as contributing her real estate investment expertise to one of the largest real estate developers in Asia. She has been frequently featured in newspapers and magazines such as Singapore Tatler, Millionaire Asia, The Straits Times, The New Paper.

Key Learning Outcomes:

1. The top 3 personal non-negotiable beauty rules

2. Difference between looking beautiful, feeling beautiful and their interrelations

3. Is beauty or grooming more important for success?

4. Beauty Tomorrow - The ways we will buy and be influenced

5. Bridging Science and Fiction - The quest for perfect ingredients

6. Deeper than face value: Developing brands with purpose, authenticity of brands and brand personality

7. The age factor- expansion in demand from older consumers to growing younger consumer base - what is the opportunity for brands and consumers?

How much will each ticket cost?

There are 2 options - SGD 180 or SGD 200.

Your ticket price will determine the products in your Beauty Kit, as listed below.

What is included in the Beauty Kit?

We've put together a special beauty kit for each of you joining us. Depending on the value of your ticket, you will be entitled to the following:

Ticket Price SGD 180: The Beauty Kit worth SGD >$1000

  1. Naked Petite Heat (worth $46)

  2. DNA Code Kit (worth $40)

  3. Sweat Bands to wear during facials by Yvonne Ryding Spa (worth $15)

  4. Hand Mirror and Infopack from Lavilash ($270)

  5. 10ml KGlow Perfecting Radiant Sun Protector SPF 50 (sample kit)

  6. Mini Assorted Bouquets by Thoughts and Petals (sample kit)

  7. Makeup Brush Cleanser by Bridget's Lab (worth $9)

  8. Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Oudao (worth $28)

  9. Discount and Cash Vouchers from all Sponsors

Ticket Price SGD 200: The Beauty Kit worth SGD >$1000

  1. Naked Reloaded (worth $71)

  2. DNA Code Kit (worth $40)

  3. Sweat Bands to wear during facials by Yvonne Ryding Spa (worth $15)

  4. Hand Mirror and Infopack from Lavilash ($270)

  5. 10ml KGlow Perfecting Radiant Sun Protector SPF 50 (sample kit)

  6. Mini Assorted Bouquets by Thoughts and Petals (sample kit)

  7. Makeup Brush Cleanser by Bridget's Lab (worth $9)

  8. Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Oudao (worth $28)

  9. Discount and Cash Vouchers from all Sponsors

Sponsor's Credits



Get 25% off (Code: DL-TBE25) on all DEMI LUNE pieces at www.demilune.co. Discount exclusive to The Beauty Edit Event 2019!



Free Styling/Consultation with our Senior Designer + 15% Off any Customised Handbags.

20% Discount Voucher for all on-shelf Products including New Arrivals



Get $350 off (Code: YC-TBE350) on yacht charters on www.yachtcosmo.com Discount exclusive to The Beauty Edit Event 2019.



Goodie bag gifts

Free sweatband from Yvonne Ryding Spa (worth $15) to wear during facials


Yvonne Ryding have put together a basket for $228 that's worth $300 when bought individually

STA-05 will give participants 5% off single items from Yvonne Ryder Skincare

STA-10 will give participants 10% off big ticket basket Yvonne Ryding Skincare



Goodie bag gifts:

- Free Hand Mirror and info pack

-$120 gift voucher for 2 set strand by strand Lash Extensions

-$150 gift voucher for 2 set 2D-6D Volume Lash Extensions



Goodie bag gifts

Free DNA Code kit (worth $40) which the participants send in the post for their Skin & Beauty report - tells them according to their genes what skin problems/wrinkle areas/pigmentation etc so they don't need to guess but can find products exactly that match their skin.


STACEY40 will give each participant $40 off their skin & beauty report in addition to free kit (USP $180)

A set of 3 X 75min private yoga & wellness lesson $198 usually worth $240.



Goodie bag gifts

Free 10ml Kglow Perfecting Radiant Sun Protector SPF50

$50 cash vouchers

Privilege Exclusive Discount

Ultimate Recontouring HIFU $149 (U.P. $489)

RF Collagen Regeneration Treatment $129 (U.P. $249)

Kglow 3 set Gift pack $199 (U.P. $299)



Get 20% off all Beauty Science Inc products


Get 30% off all one-time rentals on ClosetShare



Goodie Bag Gift

Free Mini Assorted Bouquets

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Enjoy 10% off all classes and workshops

Additional 5% off for every referrals



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Goodie Bag Gift-Free Makeup Brush Cleanser

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Get 30% off Exquisite Serums on Vega-organics.com

17. OUDAO13


Goodie Bag Gift

-1 Box of Hyaluronic Serum



Get $10 off all products on www.shopbaken.com, min purchase of $50



Get 10% 3-Video package discount for all customers via The Beauty Edit

For more information, follow us on Instagram at @thebeautyeditsg.

We can’t wait to see you there! :)

  • Qli Kuek

    Qli Kuek

    Fashion Designer
  • Liyann Seet

    Liyann Seet

    Fashion & Beauty Influencer (Moderator)
  • Cherie Tan

    Cherie Tan

    Financial Entrepreneur
  • Samantha Tay

    Samantha Tay

    Aesthetic Doctor
  • Nadia Vega

    Nadia Vega

    Actress, Musician and Entrepreneur
  • Rachel Wee

    Rachel Wee

    Skincare & Beauty Professional

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Date and Time


19b Keong Saik Rd.

19b Keong Saik Road

Singapore, 089126


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