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Tuesdays with Morris - iTOVi Health and Wellness Scan

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Tiong Bahru Plaza

Singapore, 168730


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The iTOVi scanner combines bioimpedance, pressure sensor, temperature, and Bluetooth® technologies to generate personalized wellness evaluations.

What to expect

In this session, I will be running for you an evaluation using the iTOVi scanner which costs around $1000 with a monthly subscription fee.

You will get a personalized report with details on your Emotional, Enivromental and Physical wellness evaluation sent to an email of your choice.

Upon purchase of the ticket, you will be contacted to confirm the preferred timing within the 2 hours slot. A typical evaluation takes about 5 minutes.

The technology behind it


Every biological or non-biological thing has a unique energy signature that vibrates at certain frequencies. A frequency is the number of times a wave repeats itself within a second, called an oscillation. iTOVi has measured and recorded each unique frequency of essential oils and supplements for each product company. Through the electrodes on the iTOVi scanner, these frequencies are sent into the skin, inducing a measurable response from the body.


Bioimpedance is a technology commonly used to measure body composition through resistance to electrical frequencies. During an iTOVi scan the device passes small electrical currents through the skin to measure the body’s resistance to frequencies, each of which is the natural energy signature of various supplements and oils. The passing of electrical frequencies induces a measurable response from the body which is then recorded and shown in the iTOVi report.


Bioimpedance relies on the body’s autonomic nervous system in order to elicit reactions. The autonomic nervous system is the body’s central command center, connected to every other part of the body, and can be relied upon to give reactionary results. There are lots of ways to measure those results (i.e. blood pressure, blood flow, skin or body temperature, breathing patterns, eye dilation, sweat glands/skin moisture, etc.) One particular way to measure the reaction is the tissue will become more or less resistant to electrical current flow. Changes in temperature can also help us understand how the body reacts. During an iTOVi scan hundreds of frequencies are sent to the body, one at a time. The body has a unique reaction to each of these frequencies. As the body reacts to the electrical current flow, iTOVi measures these reactions.


The way iTOVi calculates the body’s reaction is highly accurate. It uses a complex algorithm to organize the data from the reactions. An algorithm is simply a set of mathematical equations. This process is often referred to as the translation process. The iTOVi algorithm translates what your body is communicating to you. While running one scan, the iTOVi scanner is actually running the algorithm several times to find the body’s true response.


As the iTOVi scan runs, your body will naturally react to frequencies and the scanner will record these changes, identifying supplements and essential oils that match. As the scan ends, these frequencies are recorded, analyzed, and compiled into a personalized iTOVi report. Based on the information gathered during each session, the iTOVi App will recommend the oils or supplements to which your body had the strongest reactionary response. These recommendations are presented in your report, ordering each product by the strength of their reaction. Using the recommended oil or supplement will bring your body’s frequencies back to its optimal state.


The iTOVi scanner is highly accurate at measuring and displaying reactions from your body. iTOVi’s algorithm follows frequency patterns it sees and takes an overall wellness snapshot at the time of the scan.

iTOVi measures the reactionary portion of the body, which changes at surprisingly quick speeds. Once the pattern from the scan is captured, the scanner makes intelligent, and personalized, product recommendations.

If you run a repeat scan within a short period of time, the technology takes into account your previous scans and recommendations. This is very important. As the scanner gathers more information about your body’s responses, the more intuitive the results become. Over time, past information influences the scan less and less, allowing the recommendations to be impacted by your current needs.


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the session?


Is it safe?

Absolutely! The iTOVi scanner is completely safe for persons of all ages. Children, women who are pregnant, and even people with heart issues—just to name just a few—can safely use the iTOVi scanner.

How long does the scan takes?

The scan should complete in 2-3 minutes or less.

Is this a medical daignosis?

No. The iTOVi scanner does not help diagnose nor cure any sickness, disease or medical condition.
Please consult a medical professional where necessary.

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Tiong Bahru Plaza

Singapore, 168730


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