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Why Men love Football and Women love shopping? Workshop

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If you have millions of WHY in your relationship with your partner, friends or colleagues, this will be the perfect workshop for you

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We are all brought up in different families and living backgrounds. When you start to build a relationship with a friend or start seeing someone in your life, conflicts and quarrels always seem like they are part of the journey. Small arguments might still be considered healthy, as it helps one person to understand the perspective of the other better during the argument. However, if the arguments and disagreements become more frequent, it could become the bullet that causes an explosion in your relationship and might event end in a break up.

The evolution of society (e.g. society programming) has caused bigger gaps in between men and women and resulted in more misunderstanding and miscommunications. Based on her own experience, she feels that in order to change your partner into the person you hope they can become, we first have to change ourselves and be aware of the emotions that we are carrying in the relationship and in the conversation.

If you have millions of WHY in your relationship with your partner, friends or colleagues, this will be the perfect workshop for you. Michele will share all her experiences and knowledge with you to give you a better understanding on how you can have a fresh start in your relationship journey.

Some daily life challenges which you can address through this workshop:

- why you always don’t understand what I want and think you are right?

- why don’t you trust me fully?

- why dont you like to share your thoughts with me? Do you have any secrets that hiding from me?


• Understand the trigger points in your relationship, where and what causes the trigger and how to deactivate it

• Reorientate the messy map of your relationship and rebuild the trust within and towards your partner again

• Gain better clarity and understanding about yourself and your partner through some exercises that will give you great ideas on how to manage a happy and healthy relationship


Michele Chong

Managing Director of The Golden Space Singapore

Professional Sound and Voice Therapist

International Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator and Speaker

Michele comes from a family which has a long history in the business sector. Since young, she has a vision to make the world a better place through music instead of getting involved in her family business. She worked very hard to achieve all her music qualifications and started teaching singing and performing at a young age because she believes that music will bring happiness and positivity to people and help to positively influence their behavioural patterns.

Michele holds a number of music certifications, the most significant being a Degree in Vocal Teaching (Distinction) from the London Music College and a Certificate in Voice Techniques from the Berklee College of Music. Currently, Michele is completing her Prac. Diploma in Sound Therapy course from the UK. She is concurrently a member of the Therapeutic Sound Association, UK.

Her life mission has become clearer and her life has transformed since 2016 when she attended the “Awaken ~ the Divine You”Ò programme conducted by the International Metaphysical Spiritual Master Umesh H. Nandwani. She has also attended the Instructors Certification Course Level 2 by Master Umesh. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to create a Scared Chakra cleansing music soundtrack together with Master Umesh (vocal guidance). The album was published and launched by The Golden Space Indonesia in August 2017. She has also composed a global song for the environment titled “We Are One” for the Guardians of Mother Earth (GME) organisation. The song was officially launched at an event at the Eurasian Association, Singapore attended by Singapore’s Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifli.

Through her music journey and experiences, she has realised that composing positive music is one of the quickest way to reach out to people. She has received many positive feedback from those who have heard her music. An example was a person who was planning to commit suicide and who changed her mind after she listened to one of her songs. Michele always focuses on spreading meaningful and positive messages about life through her songs and music. She has composed many songs for charity, including theme songs for Singapore’s 50th National Day (SG50). A professional instructor with diverse experience, she has organised many corporate and community events.

Michele has been invited to run workshops and private sessions across the world, including in Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai etc. Her workshops and sessions have been extremely popular. Through her sound therapy work, she has transformed and healed many of her clients. She believes that sound is the most powerful medicine. Michele continues to enhance her knowledge and skills by pursuing courses related to health and wellness, human psychology and relationships, and self-improvement.

Her favourite quote is “Nothing is Impossible”. Michele believes strongly in what she is doing and loves helping people to transform their lives. She hopes that everyone will discover their mission in life and work wholly towards it with positive energy and trust.

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