Wilderness Holiday Camp for Ages 7 – 15

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Wilderness Holiday Camp for Ages 7 – 15

Wilderness Holiday Camp Age 7 – 15

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Mindful Space 10 Winstedt Road Block A, 02-02 Singapore, 227977 Singapore

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About this event

Wilderness Camp A

Dec 8 (Thu), 9 – 5pm (8 hours)

  • botanical arts
  • hapa zome (Japanese eco printing on fabric)
  • kids yoga
  • mindful movement & walking
  • mindful eating
  • sensory cooking

Wilderness Camp B

Dec 9 (Fri), 9 – 5pm (8 hours)

  • mindful movement & walking
  • mindful eating
  • mud painting
  • whittling
  • wood making (make your own tool caddy)

Wilderness Camp C

  • Dec 10 (Sat), 9 – 5pm (8 hours)
  • fishing
  • mindful movement & walking
  • mindful eating
  • science with animals
  • search firewood & build a campfire for marshmallows

Wilderness Camp D

Dec 15 (Thu), 9 – 5pm (8 hours)

  • hapa zome (Japanese eco printing on fabric)
  • mindful movement & walking
  • mindful eating
  • wood making (make your own tool caddy)

Wilderness Camp E

Dec 16 (Fri), 9 – 5pm (8 hours)

  • science experiments with crabs & prawns
  • mindful movement & walking
  • mindful eating
  • mud painting
  • whittling

Wilderness Camp F

Dec 17 (Sat), 9 – 5pm (8 hours)

  • botanical art
  • kids yoga
  • mindful movement & walking
  • mindful eating
  • search firewood & build a campfire for marshmallows


Meeting Point:

Mindful Space Outdoor Learning Club

2 Netheravon Road, Civil Service Club @ Changi 1 S01-01, Singapore 508503

Activities: Pulau Ubin

Class Size

Minimum 6 pax to commence for a wilderness camp


1 teacher : 5 students


  • Wilderness Holiday Camp A / D: Japanese omelette fried rice, and fruits
  • Wilderness Holiday Camp B / E: Chicken Yakiniku with rice and sauteed vegetables, and fruits
  • Wilderness Holiday Camp C / F: Chicken Katsu and fruits
  • If your child has food allergies or dietary requirements, you can pack your own lunch.

Age Range

It is our intention to have a wide age gap of children 7 – 15 years old for the forest camps. Children who have the opportunity to work together with children of different age groups and abilities, have cultivate more empathy, kindness, awareness, and understanding of social cues and boundaries. This supports children to be more socio-emotional developed and connected with each other.

Singapore rank the third highest in bullying globally. It is proven that when children are connected and play together, bullying reduces because children have more empathy and can understand from different perspectives better.

Mindful Space have witness so many beautiful learning moments when children of different age groups come together. The older children learn to role model and polish their leadership skills to problem solve; how to include and motivate people with different pace, perspective and abilities, and empower them to think out of the box. The younger children learn better through observation, and feel the sense of belonging and motivation through the team spirit.


Inclusive of

  • two way boat ride Pulau Ubin to/from Changi Point Ferry Terminal
  • lunch
  • lead trainer and teacher assistant

Per child: 8 hours camp for $250 per child

Buddy sign up (2 pax or more): 8 hours camp for $235


Parents’ mindfulness retreats are available simultaneously with your child’s camp timing

Sign up more than one Wilderness Holiday Camp (A, B, C, D, E or/and F) for cash vouchers.Same child who sign up for:

  • Two Camps receives $20 cash voucher
  • Three Camps receives $50 cash voucher
  • Four Camps receives $80 cash voucher
  • Five Camps receives $110 cash voucher
  • Six Camps receives $150 cash voucher

Cash Vouchers

  • cash vouchers are digital and will be WhatsApp to your registered mobile
  • Valid until 30 June 2023
  • Value is in denomination of Singapore dollars.
  • Not redeemable for cash.
  • No refund on unused value, and voucher utilisation in one payment.
  • Voucher will not be accepted pass expiry, or appears to be altered.
  • All bookings to be made in advance via email or Whatsapp, quote voucher number. Bookings are subjected to space availability.
  • Events and classes are non-refundable in the event you can no longer attend, it is transferable to another person for the same date.
  • Mindful Space reserves the rights to amend the terms without prior notice.

Things to bring

  • snacks
  • water bottle (1L)
  • extra cloths
  • sunscreen / hat
  • mosquito patch (more friendly than repellent)

Dress Code

  • Best to wear sports attire.
  • Wear long pants/tights comfortable for stretches and large movements (no shorts or skirts).
  • NO jewellery

Brain Science with Mindfulness

Mindful Eating

Today’s fast-paced society tempts people with an abundance of food choices and technology is a distraction, shifting our attention away from the actual act of eating. Eating becomes a mindless act, often done quickly. This can be problematic since it takes our brain up to 20 minutes to realize we are full.

By eating mindfully, we restore our attention and slow down, making eating an intentional act instead of an automatic one.

  • Allowing children to explore and be willing to try food that is within and out of their comfort zone
  • Aim to intrigue their curiosity, it is okay for them to verbalise their preference yet the goal is to be willing to try different things
  • If your child has a strict diet or allergies, please notify us during the registration. Alternatively, bring your own lunch.

Learning Points:

  • Slow down and enjoy the act of eating
  • Engaging our senses by noticing colours, smells, sounds, textures and flavours
  • Noticing the effects food has on our feelings and emotions
  • Appreciating food
  • Connecting food with the circle of life. Understand how and what we eat affects the world.

Body Science with Kids Yoga

✅ Get to know MY BODY – Mindful of our body

Learn about different body parts and our superpower breath.

Understand our body is all different and very smart. When we do something new, we are introducing changes to both the body and mind. What happens when there is a change, we might like it, we might not and the most important thing is we don’t judge. We allow time for the body and mind to experience the changes. We allow time for the body to thrive and adapt.

How can we help? Rest & stretch.

✅ Get to know MY MIND – Silent Yoga & promote creativity

Understanding our brain is super smart, alert us when there is a danger to protect us or inform us something is super fun, and let’s do it quickly. Who is even smarter than our brain? You – the combination of your brain, breath, and heart.

  • How to overcome fear? Deep breath in and out. Understand the steps needed to do the challenge, try and ask for help
  • How to calm the excited mind? Sometimes when asked to do something, we think it is so easy and we are excited, we laugh, we talk and we lose our breath and attention. We can be excited yet mindful. Being mindful keeps us aware. When we are aware, we are safe because we can pay attention

Physical Science with Wood Making

Make your own multifunctional caddy for all the little things that matter – paint box, sand box, jewellery box, book holder.

Children experience the satisfaction of completing their wood project under the supervision of experienced adult facilitators. Completed Tool Caddy not only functions as a tool holder for the little ones, its versatility of use is up to the child’s imagination.

Spatial skills are needed for success in a variety of technical careers – including engineering, architecture, dentistry, computer programming and more.

The workshops aim to engage a child’s imagination while imparting basic life skills. The open-ended nature of the sessions permit children to explore their own assumptions, make mistakes and harness their own problem-solving skills to make corrections.

Learning points:

  • handling hand tools such as drill, saw, hammer
  • simple wood joinery
  • exploration of natural material
  • finishing

Animal Science with Frogs

  • Learn about the human anatomy, structure and basic vital organs by dissecting frogs (close to human body)
  • Understand what body muscular and skeletal function allows the frog to jump so high and breathe with their skin (eg: weight of body, muscle contraction, how the muscles and bones work together)
  • Gain knowledge on how different species have different calls. Ever wonder how the different frogs make their sounds?
  • Dive into physics, chemistry and biology in this animal science as we have pre and post-dissection. Post dissection involves separating the muscles and bones by blanching the frog. If your child is courageous, they can taste the frogs too!

Learning points:

  • ability to associate the frog to own’s body muscles, organs and structure
  • curiosity to know how amphibians breath, move and eat
  • develop critical thinking of how animals are process from farm to table
  • build emotional connection and appreciation with mother nature’s creation

Values we cultivate through the fun play activities:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Resilience
  • Body Awareness
  • Social Cues


  • This ticket is not applicable for cancellation or refund unless Mindful Space cannot commence or proceed with the activity (eg: minimum number of pax)
  • Tickets are transferable to others for the same date but not refundable. If you can no longer attend, you can find family or friends to replace you. You can also try your luck to check-in if there is someone on the waiting list.
  • By signing up for this programme, you agreed to be contacted for future events via WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp +65 9783 7313 to be on the waiting list or organise private camp dates.

Stay updated with the latest events and workshops at:

FB: @MindfulSpaceSg

Insta: #mindful_space_

Mindful Space



Wilderness Holiday Camp for Ages 7 – 15 image
Wilderness Holiday Camp for Ages 7 – 15 image
Wilderness Holiday Camp for Ages 7 – 15 image
Wilderness Holiday Camp for Ages 7 – 15 image
Wilderness Holiday Camp for Ages 7 – 15 image
Wilderness Holiday Camp for Ages 7 – 15 image