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法鼓山新加坡护法会是一个非盈利组织,成立于1996年。成立的因缘源自一群对佛法有正信并秉持着弘扬佛法愿心的菩萨,以圣严法师 “提升人的品质,建设人间净土“为理念,同心协力,弘扬“中华禅法鼓宗”,推广“心灵环保”和禅修活动。

Dharma Drum Singapore (DDS), a non-profit organisation, was established since 1996, registered as a Society since 2004 and is governed by both Registry of Society and Commissioner of Charities. Its main purpose is to promote Mind-life and Environment Protection (心灵环保), Chinese Chan Dharma Drum Buddhism (中华禅法鼓宗), and Meditation (禅修), that are based on principles and methods of Dharma Drum Mountain founded by Master Sheng Yen (圣严法师).

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