Annie Yong

Annie Yong, EX TOP model, actress (part time) & beauty queen( won many beauty contests.

She‘ s also a successful investor who has been living by passive income since young.

She has a big heart, compassionate for the poor & the sick, she loves to do charity since young, donated to NKF, Community Chest, Foot & Mouth, Orphanages, etc.People crowned her as pretty inside out !

After retirement from modelling, NOW, Embarked on the biggest & hottest business opportunity of this century.

Jack Ma says only this line of business will beat his wealth in this generation! 10% of her income will be used to help the needy!

Her Angels Mission :

Sharing new break through in 4 lines(medical line,health line, beauty line,business line) ,

help the sick with new hope,natural healing & save lives !

help the poor break through financially tight!

help 1st 20 person who is ambitious become multi-millionaires within 2 years !

touching more souls & shine for the name of Lord!

Her slogan :

FREE! help EVERYBODY achieve 5 in1, be transformed within 3 months :

Be happier,healthier,wealthier,younger & better looking !

Simply just let her let God ! do you want to be the 1st 20 luckiest person to enjoy her FREE coach?

ACTION ! contact her-82285658

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