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Brief account


The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends was founded by Grete Häusler  (1922- 2007). She met Bruno Groening in 1950 and experienced healing from three  incurable ailments at their first encounter. Thereafter she became a close  associate of his and established the communities in Austria. After 1959 she  determined that healings were continuing to occur. In 1979 she founded the  Circle of Friends, which had the task of preserving Bruno Groening’s legacy for  posterity and offering people in misery the possibility of obtaining help and  healing. At first there were only a handful of like-minded people, but by the  end of the eighties a rapid growth had begun. Now led by Dieter Häusler, Grete  Häusler’s son, the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends is today one of the largest  associations for spiritual healing in the world


There are local communities in all European countries and on all  continents where the friends meet every three weeks for community hours. The  community leaders and their helpers meet in “work circles” to coordinate their  tasks. In addition to the local communities for adults there are also community  hours for youth and children. Here, too, healings occur. For medical doctors,  healing practitioners and people in other health care professions there are the  Medical Scientific Group (MWF) and physicians’ communities.

All helpers work on a volunteer basis in their free time. The  work of Bruno Groening is financed exclusively on the basis of voluntary  donations. There are no financial or legal obligations. The Circle of Friends is  non-denominational and is not connected to any religion. People from all the  great world religions belong to it.

In accordance with Bruno Groening’s example, there is no  diagnosis, therapy, examination or treatment in the Circle of Friends.  Medication is not recommended, prescribed or distributed, nor is anyone advised  against visiting doctors or undergoing therapies or operations. According to  Groening, every healing is an act of God’s grace, and therefore promises of  healing are not given in the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends.


Today the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends has spread throughout  the entire world. There are communities on all continents and healings occur  everywhere. The words of Bruno Groening in Herford in 1949 are becoming every  more true: "It can’t be stopped; healing will take place all over the world".

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