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Colin & Jessica

Colin and Jessica is a husband-and-wife team who double-handedly built up their successful multi-faceted business – LearnSuperMart Marketing, from scratch. They partner small business owners and solopreneurs by helping them market their services and products, and brand themselves.



In 2 years, through close guidance and unconventional marketing strategies from Colin and Jessica, their partners and clients have closed in excess of $12,000,000 worth of sales.



Being passionate with imparting his knowledge on Facebook marketing and business strategies, Colin also frequently conducts workshops and consultation sessions for small business owners who prefer to DIY in their marketing and business development efforts. More recently, the couple has also commenced a Business Success Experiment Program that imparts unconventional concepts and ‘underground’ techniques using their roprietary business model to select business owners. This is the same business model which helped Colin and Jessica themselves closed $80,000 worth of business deals in just 3 months!



As the CEO of Yellow Pages Academy, Colin is also leading the training and coaching of numerous SMEs through many wildly sought-after courses and programmes. 



In 2016, the husband-and-wife team also released their wildly sought-after book – “10 Facebook Marketing Secrets Exposed”. Targeted at small business owners and entrepreneurs, their book has helped many become significantly more effective in marketing on Facebook while lowering their ad costs significantly.



In the midst of all these, Colin and Jessica have been maintaining a successful online portal – LearnSuperMart, an education site that shares study and exam tips. The reason for it to be so highly subscribed is Jessica’s creation of the hundreds of unique content for this portal, and shares one unique article every single day!






What is so intriguing about Colin and Jessica is that both of them had no formal academic training in marketing and business. In fact, the couple has worked 20 years as full-time employees before they started their entrepreneurial lives. All their strategies on marketing, branding and business are derived from their in-depth studies and analysis, months and tens of thousands of dollars invested in learning from actual entrepreneurs, and fine-tuning, adapting their techniques and meticulously testing as and when the industry evolves.







Precious secrets uncovered through meticulous research — that is the gold you will find in Colin and Jessica; the painstaking analysis of what works and what doesn't in Facebook marketing.

Suria Isha Sparks, Multi Potentialite, Celebrity Nutritionist, Best-Selling Author, International Inspirational Speaker, Positive Parenting Advocate and Life and Business Coach




Colin’s insights into the who, why, what, where, when and how of Facebook were super mind blowing. Understanding how the platform worked, then understanding the human interaction to that platform, was to me, gold! When I shared something that Colin had shared with me to another small biz owner, their jaw dropped too! This was the evidence that there indeed was substance in his words.

Shanker P, multiple business owner, including My First Home.




Colin is truly a subject matter expert when it comes to Facebook Marketing. In a span of 2 hours, he was able to simplify complex topics related to Facebook branding. He was able to do that with actionable steps. He embodies the concept of personal branding on Facebook.”

Rajiv Misra, Founder of Ministry of Science




The tips given by Colin during the workshop were useful for beginners who are budget conscious. Newbies will also see that it’s very easy to get started.

Kai Meng, Founder of Kainetik Mathematics




Colin was very knowledgeable in his domain subject. We loved the relevant explanation of the analytics within Facebook. We were very excited to know we could actually shadow our competitors on Facebook!

Galye and Cherilyn, Co-founders of GaCher (online business)




I really appreciate the Facebook marketing and branding advice given by Colin to us. His sharing has been insightful. Since our consultation session, I have seen improvements in various metrics of my Facebook Page.

Alvan Sue, Partner at LCMS Traders




Truly a great seminar on Personal branding in Facebook by Colin Goh
He dissected and shared some great tips and secrets on his expertise!

Zach Leong, Founder of Baker’s Heart




What an eye-opening session! Colin has truly opened my minds to the power of Facebook. I am not sure what inspired him into internet marketing. For me, it will be Colin. That one day when I am successful with all the tips he shared with us, I owe to repost this as a show of gratitude.

Kavitha Subramanian, Mom-preneur




What Colin and Jessica shared is a nice primer to understanding how marketing on Facebook works, the mistakes to avoid, and how to maximise your results. Their sharing are backed by their real experience. They sweat so you don't have to.

Sam Choo, renowned Internet Marketer and Founder of Singapore Internet Marketers




In just 7 months, LearnSuperMart has helped us build up a database of over 250 warm leads that we can continue to nurture over time. Not just that, we had nearly 100 hot leads who attended our Diagnostic Consultations and workshops. Till date, we have achieved more than $180,000 in sales revenue.”

Edwin Edangelus Cheng and Rowena May-Yue, Founders of EduEdge Learning Hub




Colin and Jessica designed a leads funnel with an unbelievable ebook for me. It’s great because unlike those derived from my other marketing activities, the 1,200 respondents I get from the campaign they designed are a lot more motivated. In fact I wasn’t used to the fact that I didn’t really have to explain much on why they should use my service.”

Avis Wong, Associate Marketing Director, PropNex Realty




In just 1 week of collaboration, I had 4 enquiries, of which 2 enrolled and 1 expressed interest in my online product. My email subscribers also increased by more than 3.5 times! After the sharing had ended, I continued to receive enquiries and further increased my subscribers.

Rosalind Ong, Founder of Fun Language Learning




Talking to Colin opens my mind for real! The Business Success model he shared is refreshing and easy to use. I walked away with actionable strategies that will contribute to the long term success of my business.

Owen Teng, Online Affiliate Sales




Jessica and Colin’s sharing is a mind opener for me and set me thinking about how my new business model should be to guarantee success. It is indeed thought-provoking, making me think up of some new and radical ideas for my business. Some ideas which I would not have thought of prior to attending this programme. And with their coaching, I’m confident that some of these so-called ‘radical’ ideas will turn into reality, making my business a truly unique one.

Vanessa Wong, Founder of Maths with Van




Colin Goh is different from other Internet marketers. He not only gives “tactical” advice on how to get explosive number of leads on the internet, he also advises business owners on how to operate at a higher level strategically to outperform market competition.”

Colin Ee, Principal Trainer and Founder of PSF Real Estate Academy

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