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Creative Leadership In Asia (CLIA)

CLIA central logo


CLIA purpose:
“Leadership learning and Culture development
for creating longer-lasting prosperity”


CLIA vision:

In CLIA vision, we focus on 3 playing fields:

  1. Youth: Discovering your inner career compass for satisfying life and work 
  2. Enterprise: Values based leadership to improve employee engagement, innovation and strengths-based diversity 
  3. The larger community: Improving relationships in life, business and the community to achieve longer-lasting prosperity


CLIA mission

  1. Spreading a breakthrough ACTION-LEARNING methodology called ZiPoPo™:
    Discover ZiPoPo™ and the ZiPoPo™ effect – a powerful combination of group dialogue facilitation and script-based dramatisation for high engagement and deep action-learning.
    ZiPoPo™ enhances the learning experience and bridges the gap between theory and practice and integration. 
  2. Offering bespoke MASTERCLASSES and other training ESSENTIALS customized to our clients’ needs and requirements while delivering on our promise for high engagement and deep, whole learning 

  3. Regroup a community of GLOBAL TRAINERS able to deliver all around Asia, and yet ATTUNED TO LOCAL CULTURES, sensitivities and language 
  4. Our promise is to being back JOY IN LEARNING and COLLABORATION in our offices, classrooms, on the job and among peers. We believe in making full use of multi-sensory learning environments and using Multiple Intelligence to develop competencies.


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