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Eagles Rendezvous

Eagles Rendezvous (ER) is a Bible study ministry of Eagles Communications that reaches out to Christians:

– Seeking to build a biblically sound foundation for spiritual experiences with the Lord.

– Serious about studying the Bible and exploring its relevance for contemporary life.

– Desiring to respond in obedience to God's Word within the context of Christian community.

A specific biblical book is studied in cycles, each cycle lasting six to seven weeks. Led by trained leaders of Eagles Communications, these studies are designed to be informal and interactive, with emphasis on the application of the biblical text to the pressing issues of life today.

Original study notes will guide group members through the process of understanding and applying the Bible. The biblical text will be examined inductively with the following questions addressed sequentially: "What does it say?", "What does it mean?" and "How does it apply to us now?"

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