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Empowering-Breakthrough Team

We are a Tribe of Mommy that believe good health come from these factors:
1. God
2. Good nutrition
3. Exercise
4. Detox
5. Emotion
6. Sleep
7. Sunshine
We believe in Financial Freedom so that we do not live in lack and we believe:
1. We can have the time and freedom to enjoy sunrise and sunset with our children.
2. We do not need to quarrel over lack of money.
3. Our children do not need to borrow money for their education.
4. We can build a business of our own that we enjoy doing.
5. We can Empower many family to achieve Financial Breakthrough.
6. We can have money to help the charity, poor and needy.
7. We can help single mothers or mothers with children with special needs/handicap to build a business so that their children do not live in lack.
8. If we can follow a good mentor, we will succeed like him or her.
We do not believe in :
1. Scams that say no effort and hard work needed but you can earn lots of money. No quick get rich scheme for us. There is always a period of learning, reskilling and doing things you have never done.
2. Labour like a slave and have no life for yourself and your friends and family.
Our Goal:
Being rich is not about having lots of money but it is about fulfilling our purpose in life and as well as to be DEBT free.
Knowledge is the power to do what is right and good and ignorance leads to destruction for failing to do what we ought to do, and wasting our time and effort with little results.
To live is to bless others with what God has blessed us : We learn how to fish and not waiting for others to feed us with fish.

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