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Korea Artiz Studio

Korea Artiz Studio was founded in Busan, South Korea in 2008 and has since become the most fashionable and popular Korean style wedding photography brand around the world serving over 20 MILLION couples to date. Located across 3 continents In 7 countries with 45 branches worldwide, we curate only the most professional of team to deliver the highest results for you. We specialise in High-End Korean Theme Wedding Photo/Videography & Bridal Boutique.

Korea Artiz Studio SINGAPORE prides itself as the FIRST authentic indoor Korean bridal boutique and pre-wedding photography studio with outbound senior Korean photographers. Being the largest indoor pre-wedding studio with named labelled brands like Grace Kelly Korea, TOP ZIO Men, La Queen Makeup and housing more than 15 different background, couples can expect a true Hallyu photoshoot experience right here in Singapore.

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