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Natural Healing & Wellness Consultant | Entrepreneur | Mother of 1 | Public Speaker | Trainer | Business Coach |

Siti Masturah was a former Medical Device Sales & Support Representative who Quit the stagnant & political Corporate world to pursue Entrepreneurship as a the Road Less Traveled...

She pursued full-time Entrepreneurship in 100% Authentic Designer Bags in 2012.

She went through a business turbulence in late 2013 and soon picked herself up from many breakdowns after discovering her root problem - She needed a MENTOR!

She found the right Mentor, Ms Suria Mohd, Celebrity Nutritionist & Entrepreneur, who has spoken on the Global United Nations Stage and voted World Top 20 Game Changers by Brian Tracy.

Now Siti Masturah is a Business Coach to many other entrepreneurs.

Her Passion is in several Core areas:

Inspirational Work & Transforming Lives in the following areas

i) Natural Healing for Chronic Diseases - Cancer, Stroke & Diabetes, Skin Issues

ii) Shaping Your Body, Mind & Soul without depriving yourself of the foods you love

ii) Positive Parenting : Healing the next generation by Awakening Unawakened Parents

iii) Business Coaching for Start Ups

iv) Collaboration (mainly Events) with other Entrepreneurs from different industries and community

Siti Masturah believes that no matter what path you walk in life inspiration and self awareness are needed to live up to your True Life Purpose & Potential.

Her goal is to reach out to as many individuals regardless of their backgrounds to

- Create Awareness of Natural Healing, Foods for the Body, Mind & Soul
- Empower Women,Kids, Teens & Parents
- Create Possibilities & Inspire Other Entrepreneurs & Individuals

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