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MerlionKids International Preschool

MerlionKids International (MKI), Singapore premier preschool, founded in 2006 has centres in Singapore, Sri Lanka and China. MerlionKids has won awards and received many positive testimonials from parents, batches after batches. Parents love our scientific and evidence based educational philosophy that leads to development of our structured curriculum and sound pedagogies (activity based) with a full set of Harvard's 8 multiple intelligences programmes that promote the development of key executive functions of the brain, curiosity, critical thinking, confidence and creativity in the child's learning and development.
MerlionKids is greatly influenced by both Harvard University scientific research and work on neuroscience, epigenetics and education where environment factors and experiences shape the process of the child and brain architecture which determines whether it will provide a strong and weak foundation for all future learning, behaviour and health; and Professor Howard Gardner’s work on Multiple Intelligences, whom believes that Intelligence Quotient (I.Q) is not enough as a single indicator to person’s success but rather a spectrum of intelligences (literacy, interpersonal, intrapersonal, kinesthetic, music, naturalistic, logic, spatial) which need development at the very young age that comes with holistic education. The experiences aim to also develop the key executive functions of the brain. Deficiency in these brain executive functions will grow larger as the person grows older and it affects the quality of life.

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