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Mind Transformations

Mind Transformations is the longest continuously-running NLP training and institution company in Asia, since 1997. As an NLP Elder and future-fit developers and coaches, we manifest a life-supportive world by synthesising the intelligences of the body (PQ), mind (IQ), emotion (EQ) and spirit (SQ). 

We strive to live by the spirit of Kaizen—continuously improving our training delivery and methodology so that you don't have to go through difficult change to get the results you want. Check out our Kaizen Milestones, drawn in 2017, our 20th Anniversary:

Mind Transformations is the only NLP Institution in Singapore that's accredited by the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI), Germany. Our NLP training is known to be rigorous and in-depth, emphasising on 3 connecting concepts—"Brain Friendly", "Hands-On" and "How to do it", so that you can turn cutting-edge knowledge and tools into something you can confidently execute in your life every day.

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