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新心音乐事工 New Heart Music Ltd

带着一颗热爱神与愿意被神使用的心,一群在教会负责主领敬拜的基督徒音乐家领受 了神给他们的异象,要透过音乐上的恩赐来将人带到神的面前。他们深信唯有在基督 耶稣里重生,蒙神赐一颗新心,才能坦然无惧地来到父神宝座前敬拜祂和向祂唱新 歌,因此在一九九七年成立了新心音乐事工。

With a burning passion for God and a willing heart to serve, a group of Christian musicians responded to His call and established New Heart Music Ministries in 1997 with the vision of “Ushering people into the presence of God through music.” We believe that only when a person places his faith in Christ, he will receive a new heart that enables him to approach the throne of grace with confidence to worship God and sing a new song to Him.

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