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One&Co Singapore

Platform for Innovative Businesses.
This is what we aim to be.
In order to achieve this goal, we value the Inclusion of all different kinds of people regardless of nationality, religion, gender, social standing, or world view.
By doing so, we hope that all of our members can share in the spirit of enjoyment, collaboration, and discovery -- right here in this diverse city of Singapore.
This enthusiasm will not only birth Innovationbut also propel the world forward while making an Impact on society.

At One&Co, we believe that learning and making connections are vital to the coworking experience. By offering a service that combines all these, we hope to facilitate the natural formation of a community amongst our users.


Platform for Innovative Businesses.
私たちはこのスピリットが生む熱気から様々なInnovationを誘発し、さらには世の中を 実際に動かすような、社会へのImpactまでサポートしていきます。

3つの機能 • サービスを通じ、利用者間の有機的なコミュニティ形成を促します。

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