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Quantum Zazen Meditation

Welcome to the Quantum Zazen Meditation community, where we support each other in attaining the zen in our lives and expand it into our lives.

Imagine meditation from a simple breath down to the finest constructs of your being. Where each quantum (unit) of energy and matter is attuned to your energy, spirit, cells, muscles, thoughts, emotions and into your very breath of life. Balance the zen in you, experience the tranquility of being and bring this into your life and reality. 

Be Zen. Live Zen. Have Zen. The Quantum Way.

Many benefits have been associated with proper meditation techniques such as:
- Reduces Stress
- Improves Concentration
- Encourages Healthy Lifestyle
- Increases Self Awareness
- Increases Happiness
- Increases Acceptance
- Slows Aging
- Benefits Cardiovascular Health
- Improves Immune System

Be part of the community and let's grow together!

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