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Star of Phoenix is a community where like minded people gather to share experiences and to support one another in our path to personal growth and empowerment.

“Star of Phoenix” represents the phoenix arising from the ashes. It symbolizes hope, grace, strength and new beginnings. Many of us have been through the ashes of life, where we have descended, burnt, hurt, crushed and have our dreams shattered. This is now a time for us to rise up to become stronger, wiser, more powerful, yet gentler, more beautiful and authentic versions of ourselves.

We welcome all who are on the same path of ascension and transformation to join us in this community to care and share. We will share resources that will greatly enhance and build your personal strength.  These include latest news, articles, merchandise (crystals, singing bowls, essential oils), therapy sessions, meditations, get-togethers, workshops and certification classes. Modalities offered include Meta-clinical Aromatherapy, Serenity Vibration Healing, Sound Therapy, Meditations, Nutrition, Nature & Animal Healing, Sekhem Living Energy, Kundalini Yoga, Channeling, Light Language, Angelic Healing, Astral Journeys, Galactic Connections and many more.

We recognize the divinity in you and envelope you in our wings of unconditional love.

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